Disney Collectables Buying Guide


Disney’s legacy is extensive. They’re one of the biggest influencers on popular culture there has ever been, across film, television, audio, merchandise and theme parks. With their fingers in so many different pies, it’s no surprise that they’re adored by so many. Over the years the range of Disney collectables has grown rapidly, whether it’s Disney figurines, ornaments or simply Disney toys.

There are Frozen costumes, Marvel Pop! Figures and you’ll even find Pixar Christmas decorations. There’s a whole host of Star Wars collectables available too, plus Disney pin badges and other magical Disney memorabilia. We’ve given you the low down of the best Disney collectables you can buy, and we’ll help get them to you, wherever in the world you live, with our package forwarding service, so you can experience the Disney magic from home, wherever that is.


Disney Traditions Figurines

One of the most popular Disney collectable items is the Disney Traditions range created by Jim Shore. These Disney figurines are lifelike miniatures of famous Disney characters that have been expertly brought to life. There’s a Disney Traditions figurine for every era of Disney animation, plus unique twists on loved characters. 

There are figurines for Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, Hercules, Beauty & The Beast and even films like Pete’s Dragon and Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s a whole range dedicated to Disney Princesses and other Disney characters. Some of the figurines are up to 10 inches, making them the perfect Disney collectable for your mantelpiece. There are Disney Tradition figurines for seasonal events too, like Christmas, plus some statuettes depicting scenes.


Where to buy Disney Traditions Figurines

If you’re looking to get your hands on Disney Traditions Figures, then look no further. Here’s a round-up of places in the UK that you’ll be able to order Disney Traditions from, and then we can get them forwarded on to you, wherever you are in the world.

Disney Traditions on Amazon UK

Disney Traditions at H Samuel

Disney Traditions on Ebay UK

Jim Shore’s UK Disney Traditions Store

Disney Store UK


Disney Toys

There’s a whole host of Disney toys available. Some are collectables, like Pop! vinyl figurines or action figures but there are soft toys, playsets and all sorts of other Disney toys available to order.  Other Disney toys include costumes and toy props, for kids and adults across Marvel and Star Wars too.

Some of these may be limited Disney toys, that only had a short run or were deliberately made as a collectors item. Some items may only have been released in a specific country too. Limited Disney toys include things like limited statuettes, limited mugs or dolls. They’re sometimes made to commemorate a particular release or occasion. All of the Disney franchises get a look in, whether it’s a limited Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl figurine or a Minnie Mouse gift set or a Frozen tea cup.


Where to buy Disney Toys

For every day Disney toys, try checking out the following UK retailers. You can shop for Disney toys in the UK with confidence and use a package forwarding service, like forward2me.

Shop Disney toys

Argos Disney toys

The Toy Shop Disney toys

For limited Disney toys, which are often more collectable and potentially rare, try a few of these UK stores:

Shop Disney Limited Collectables

Ebay UK Limited Disney Collectables

Limited Disney toys on Amazon UK


Disney Traditions Ornaments for Occasions

There’s a Disney ornament for every occasion. Whether you’re after a Tinkerbell Valentine’s Day figurine, a Mickey & Minnie wedding picture frame or one of the numerous Disney Christmas decorations, there’s something just waiting to brighten your tree or shelf. Disney seasonal decorations are adored by many, with people often adding a new one to their collection every year.

Disney Traditions has a popular range of ornaments for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day, weddings and a host of other occasions. Imagine your favourite Disney characters dressed up for Christmas or Halloween. They’d make the perfect decoration or gift and add a little of Disney’s magic to any home. A number of these Disney Traditions ornaments are limited run too, so get your hands on them while you can!


Where to buy Disney Traditions Ornaments

Some Disney Traditions Ornaments are only available at certain times of the year. Others can be bought all year round though, particularly on the second-hand market.

Disney Tradition Ornaments on Ebay UK

Disney Tradition Christmas Decorations on Jim Shore

Disney Tradition Ornaments on Amazon UK


Disney Pin Badges

Pin badges have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Being able to pin a small enamel badge onto almost any outfit gives both kids and grown-ups the ability to show off the things they love without going overboard. Disney pin badges are some of the best pin badges available. Whether they are official Disney pin badges made by Disney themselves, or one of the many fan-made ones on sites like etsy.

Disney has inspired incredible levels of creativity, and Disney pin badges are a great way to incorporate some of that into your outfits. There are pins for every type of Disney fan too. You’ll find limited edition lightsabre pin badges, Disney snow globe pin badges and a whole bunch of other magical pins available.

Official Disney pin badges have a rubber back shaped like Mickey Mouse. They are usually made of enamelled metal and feature a famous character from one of the Disney films or series. Looking online at the Disney store, there are new releases every month and some resorts bring out new pins for different events. Most are small, but there are larger, special editions, some with moving parts even pin badges with tiny bits of a film set embedded in them!


Where to buy Disney Pin Badges

Disney pin badges are available from a number of different outlets. For limited edition pins you’ll want to check the Disney store itself, but the second hand market, like Ebay may be good. Etsy is a great place to look for unique fan made Disney pin badges too.

Disney pin badges on Etsy

Limited Disney pin badges on Disney Store

Disney pin badges on Ebay UK


Other Buying Guides

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