Delightful Disney!


Disney is still spectacular! We've noticed a huge number of Disney-related items passing through forward2me this year. We thought we'd explain a bit about what's popular and why.

Disney began way back in the mists of time, 1923 to be precise, and Mickey Mouse, his most enduring creation first appeared in 1928. The company has since become an international brand with Disneyland and Euro Disney on most kids' to-do lists.  But it's their films and related merchandise that everyone wants at the moment. Disney memorabilia is very collectable, whether it's modern or vintage.

Disney for Kids

Whether you're buying for a birthday or Easter, or just because you can, Disney toys are always popular. The current top Disney characters with the kids are Dr. McStuffins, Disney Princesses and anything from Frozen.

Disney Toys

Check out these Disney toys from the Disney Store. If you're looking for an Easter treat, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Easter bunnies are very cute. Captain America has burst onto the scene and there are some cool toys for kids. Sofia the First has a huge range of princessy things to choose from too. Monster's University gear is popular with everyone too. Toysrus have all the Disney Princess gear and loads more besides.

Disney Costumes and Clothes

Kids love dressing up. There are princess costumes galore as well as Captain America suits, and everyday clothes including some trendy beach wear too from the Disney store. Don't forget to use forward2me's secure international delivery for all your Disney dream packages!


Disney Bedding and Furniture

If your kids are Disney obsessed and really want to live the dream, have a look at the range of Disney bedding and furniture available from Children's Rooms. Matalan also have very affordable Disney character ranges. Argos have Disney room decorator kits of impressive stickers (easy to remove if the little darlings change their minds).

Disney DVDs

If you haven't already got all the Disney films, they are available from Disney or Amazon. I was amazed at how many there are to choose from; some I'd forgotten even existed.

Disney for Grown-Ups

Disney is cool. It must be - Disney stuff for grown-ups is everywhere...Etsy have Disney jewellery, clothes and ornaments for grown-ups. The Disney store also have collectables for the 'big kids'.

Vintage Disney and Disneyana

There are many serious Disneyana collectors out there too. If you're one of them, Ebay has a whole vintage Disney section. Amazon has books about it too...Use our door-to-door tracked service to get your heart's desire, whether it's a Disney mug or a Mickey Mouse Annual from the 1930s.

Star Wars

I can't write about Disney without mentioning Star Wars. I really hope it'll be good...The new film is out next year. There are dozens of Star Wars goodies on the Disney site already. May the force be with you and all your intergalactic parcel shipping!