Delighful Disney - Pin Badges


Did you know that collecting Disney pin badges is a big 'thing'? Neither did I until today. Here at forward2me, we've noticed several of our customers shipping Disney pin badges to collect or trade. We thought we'd delve deeper and explore the hidden treasures of the Disney pin badge collector.

What is a Disney pin badge?

A pin badge is exactly that, a badge with a pin. Disney ones have a rubber back shaped like Mickey Mouse. They are usually made of enamelled metal and feature a famous character from one of the Disney films or series. Looking online at the Disney store, there are new releases every month and some resorts bring out new pins for different events. Most are small, but there are larger, special editions, some with moving parts even pin badges with tiny bits of a film set embedded in them!


Where can I get a Disney pin badge?

If you're under 12, you can trade badges at the Disney resorts (as long as you have some to start with). You can buy starter packs that come with a lanyard to display the pins. Other Disney pin badge collectors display them on hats, bags and pin boards. If you're looking to begin a collection, check out the Disney Store or eBay to see what's available.

Why should I collect Disney pin badges?

They are actually very attractive, small, easy to keep and relatively affordable. If you're looking for a hobby that involves collecting something, this is a good place to start. Far better than collecting lawn mowers or bouncy castles, much more practical... They are available at 'pocket money' prices too, until you start to collect the seriously rare or vintage Disney pin badges, some of which have allegedly sold for thousands of pounds on eBay. To find out which ones are hot and which are not, take a look at the Disney pin badge collecting website.

What features should I look out for?

If you are serious about collecting and looking to maybe create some family heirlooms for the future, here's what to look out for:

  • Make sure that you are buying an official Disney pin, stamped on the back.
  • Collectible pins are limited editions or from smaller, unusual films.
  • Make sure it has the Mickey Mouse back and it's even better if it has the original card it came on.

If you are looking for Disney pin badges from the UK to add to your collection, just order from the Disney store or track them down on eBay and use our secure international delivery. Happy hunting!