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'Thin.Light.Epic.' is how Apple describe their new iPad Pro. It's apparently aimed at the professional 'creative' who inhabits 'enterprise' spaces according to TechRadar's website. To be honest, I think they've designed it for anyone who likes a sleek, huge and very practical tablet, whether you want it for business or pleasure.

So what are its main features? Well. It's a tablet. A very, very big tablet. 12.9 inches, with 5.6 millions pixels (I'm trusting Apple here, I haven't counted them all). It's flat and extremely thin, just 6.9mm. It comes in three colours, grey, shinier grey and gold. One of them probably has a fancy name like ergonomium silver or something. No, sorry - Apple missed a trick there, it's actually called 'space grey'. Ergonomium sounds quite cool though...

Sometimes Apple products are sold outside the UK which are traditionally built differently to overseas shipped products. Have a look into your guide on how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug.

The iPad Pro has four speakers that sense which way up the iPad is so that the sound quality remains high. Can it sense which way up I am though, that's the question? It has 'backside illumination' (floodlights needed in my case) for the camera which has 8 mp and an alarming sounding 'burst' mode. Surely the last thing you would want a shiny new iPad to do?

Technically, the iPad Pro is very advanced. It has a new fast thing inside so that it can do things very fast. It runs using an A9X chip with 64bit architecture. Sounds lovely. Apple must have squashed the buildings really small to fit them inside...

The main draw of an iPad Pro is the Pencil though (sorry for the cringey pun). If you are creative and need to work to a high degree of accuracy, then this is the tablet and stylus (Pencil) for you. The Pencil is highly touch sensitive and has almost no delay in response. You can shade, draw and doodle to your heart's content. The Pencil is sold separately at £79. I wonder if they have thought of a homing device if you lose it?

Ok, even the keyboard sounds sexy if you read the description on the Apple website. Slim, responsive, easy to carry and connects very easily...sounds like the perfect partner!

Where to buy it? Directly from the Apple Store UK, John Lewis or Amazon - all are suited to forward2me's secure international delivery. The price varies depending on how much memory you want and whether there is a deal - as a guide around £650 up to £900. And breathe out again...

To sum up the iPad Pro - it looks gorgeous, appears to be very functional, is expensive for a tablet but yes please, I would still really like one. If you would like one too, just use our door-to-door tracked delivery service and we'll bring you it. An iPad to your pad. Just like that.

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