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There’s something about the lure of ‘new’ that gets us excited. Whether it’s a brand that you’re loyal to that has a new product release, a limited edition product or collection or the launch of an entirely new range, being amongst the first to get hold of something brings a real buzz. But what if the items in question aren’t being released where you live, perhaps meaning you will have to wait months before you can get your hands on them?

Thankfully, these days there are options to get hold of limited edition and new releases via the use of shipping services such as ours. Let’s have a look at some of the highly prized items our customers buy and have shipped to them using forward2me…


Tech is one category that customers find our services particularly useful for. For one reason or another, not all devices are released for sale in every country, or else some are released in different locations first, before being rolled out to other countries/continents.

One product that our customers went mad for on its release was Amazon Echo Dot – the cheapest of Amazon’s Alexa devices that only ships directly to a limited number of countries. However, using forward2me, customers can buy the Dot and have it shipped to our UK address for re-shipping out to their home country.

Another popular device of late is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which didn’t go on direct release for sale in the USA, but is available by buying in the UK and having it shipped over.

Coming up in the next few weeks are releases of a new Huawei phone, rumoured to be called either the P30 or P21. There has also been a confirmed release date for the PS4 Pro Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts console, which has an official launch date of 29th January and is available for pre-order now.


Another product our customers clamber to get their hands on are sneaker releases. Yeezys and Jordans are always particularly popular, Keep an eye on all the drop dates for new and upcoming sneakers here.

Limited edition releases

Limited editions are released by companies to celebrate various occasions, from seasonal specials to anniversaries. As well as often coming in special packaging or designs, sometimes limited editions can be flavours or colours that aren’t available in all countries. In the UK, we’re lucky enough to often get great choice when it comes it limited editions and releases.

Nespresso currently have several limited edition flavours, including these limited edition iced coffee capsules, and the coffee houses collection

Yankee Candles are another favourite with our customers and now is an especially good time to buy as some of the Christmas limited edition scents and jars are currently on sale!

Disney often has limited edition and collectible collections, often to commemorate new film releases or anniversaries of their much-loved characters and/or films. Take a look at their current limited edition releases here.

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