Apple WWDC 2018 roundup


Some of the key announcements from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook during WWDC 2018 included:

iOS 12 – the new operating system for the iphone will feature a raft of stability and performance improvements. Apple reported that iOS12 will allow for up to 40% faster app launch, up to 50% faster keyboard display and up to 70% faster camera usage. Other features of iOS12 will include Siri Shortcuts, which will allow users to create custom voice commands and routines, group FaceTime calls and ARKit 2.0, an improved version of their mobile augmented reality platform.

Digital wellness – in the future, Apple devices will have a new screen time feature that generates reports on your device usage, be that a weekly report on the total time spent on your device or a custom report on how long you’ve spent on an individual app. The ability to more tightly control children’s screen usage is also on its way, with parent being able to set “allowances” and dedicated time limits.

Memoji – users will be able to create personalized animated emojis of themselves (or anyone else) to use across photos, videos, or FaceTime calls.

iOS apps for Mac - Apple is adding four new apps to the Mac: Apple News, Voice Memos, Stocks, and a Home app for controlling smart devices.

WatchOS 5 – New features for Apple Watch users will include reminders to begin or stop a workout based on their activity level along with walkie-talkie mode to help you talk with fellow Apple Watch users!

Apple TV: Apple’s streaming box is getting a major sound update with the addition of Dolby Atmos, which will make Apple TV 4K the only box that's both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified. Where customers have already purchased titles that support Dolby Atmos from iTunes these will automatically be upgraded to support the new audio format.

So if you were waiting for Apple to launch a new iphone, apple watch or other device, you might be left feeling a little disappointed. However, with no new launches on the horizon, there’s nothing to hold you back from shopping Apple’s range of existing products!

Here we look at where to buy some of the most popular Apple products our customers have been buying from the UK…

Apple Watch Series 3 – The latest release of the Apple Watch is proving to be a big hit.  There are plenty of style options and colourways available but we particularly like this sporty Nike+ model with Space Grey Aluminium Case.

Apple Watch accessories – One of the things Apple did launch at its recent conference was new straps for the Apple watch. So if you want to get your hands on the latest looks for 2018, head over to Apple’s official store.

iPhone X – currently Apple’s most advanced iPhone model, the iPhone X is the smartphone of choice for diehard Apple fans.

Apple Homepod – Apple’s version of the smart home speaker comes in a sleek design in a choice of white or space grey and of course means you can have Siri as your on-call assistant at home!