Apple iPhone 5

Order iPhone5 online with a forward2me UK postal address and we’ll ship it worldwide.

Since UK and US residents started pre-ordering the iPhone5 on Friday 13th September, we’ve surprised even Apple with our desire to get our hands on one!

In just a few hours of UK and US online orders, Apple’s internet stores had to revise the expected 7 day UK and US delivery time, forcing them to delay a further week.

Why does everyone want an iPhone5?

The iPhone5 is smart as well as sexy. With 4G mobile internet, it’s up to four times faster than any phone on the current 3G network. Its screen opens to 4 inches instead of 3.5, with a stunning high density 1136x640 resolution pixel display, while its sleek aluminium body is just 7.6mm wide and 112g in weight.

Despite its graceful form, the iPhone5 boasts the new A6 chip, processing just about anything you want from your phone up to twice as fast as the old A5 chip. So apps, web pages and email attachments appear almost before your fingers leave the icon... The enhanced audio and new improved camera confirm the iPhone 5 breaking all the design and technology records set by older models.

To set off its slimline contours, the iPhone 5 has a new, smaller dock connector. Why not complement your beautiful new phone with a new docking station pre-ordered via forward2me?

Want to order an iPhone5 but not a UK or US resident?

Don’t let location stand in your way! forward2me can provide you with a UK address which you can use to place your orders, and then forward your purchases and parcels globally to an address of your choice.

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