9 British Things You Can't Buy in America

Food and culture are inseparable, but what do you do when you live in one country but love or even miss the food of another. Or, more specifically, how do you get British things America doesn't have?

Well, there is a solution for that, and it is UK parcel forwarding from forward2me.

If you live in the United States but miss, want, or simply are looking to try some authentic British foods or products, odds are shopping in the States isn't the best option. For truly authentic British products, you need to buy them from British stores in the UK.

From iconic foods like the Scotch Egg to Yorkshire Pudding, we can do exactly that for you. 

British Treats That Aren't Available In The USA

There are plenty of things that both the United States and the United Kingdom sell that aren't readily available across the pond. While we can help with pretty much any of them, here are 9 British favorites that we have found most United States residents wish they could get.

1. Tunnocks Tea Cakes

A staple British food that you simply must try has got to be the Tunnocks Tea Cake. This sweet food has been around since 1956, consisting of a round shortbread biscuit, covered in Italian meringue, a concoction of whipped egg, resembling marshmallows, and a yummy mixture of dark and milk chocolate. It is delicious!

Tunnocks Tea Cakes are often served with a mug of tea or coffee, so make sure to get your kettles set to boil for a truly British culinary experience.

So, ready to feast on some delicious Tunnocks Tea Cakes? Now, getting it to you anywhere in the world is where we come in.

2. Cadbury's Chocolate

The name Cadbury is synonymous with chocolate, well, at least in the UK, as this is the company's home. Though they are a British company, Cadbury products are available worldwide, including in the United States. But that doesn't mean Cadbury lets the world in on all the fun. Some of their products are for the UK market only.

Well, until now, that is! Cadbury chocolate's rich and creamy texture comes in some forms that only the British market was meant to enjoy. But, now everyone in the United States can enjoy every Cadbury product and become the envy of every Easter, Christmas, or birthday event.

3. English Breakfast Tea

Tea is as recognizably English as the Queen herself is, and it is simply impossible to enjoy a classic full English breakfast without a proper English breakfast tea.

Every self-respecting Brit knows that every day must include a full breakfast with a proper English breakfast tea and an afternoon tea consisting of Earl Grey cream tea and finger sandwiches.

And, as far as British tea goes, you may as well enjoy the best; Devonshire Tea. Avid tea drinkers are known for the best Earl Grey, breakfast tea, and selection of the finest herbal teas. The name to know is Devonshire Tea, and thanks to Forward2Me, every tea drinker in America can now enjoy it as well.

4. HP Brown Sauce

No debate necessary; HP Brown Sauce is a key breakfast condiment. Whether you are enjoying your morning breakfast or a bar snack, you must have the tangy brown sauce to go with it. 

We know that every country, and especially the United States, has its own line of condiments that are both great tasting and unique. But, none of them is a substitute for the authentically British, legendary, and original HP Brown Sauce. It is a taste and flavor all our own, but the good news is that the US can also enjoy it.

5. Heinz Baked Beans

OK, yes, we know, Heinz is an American company. But did you know the Heinz factory in Wigan, England, is the largest baked beans factory on Earth? Well, now you do.

Yes, we admit that Boston makes a good bean, but let's be honest. Baked beans are a British food. And, we will admit, for a US company, Heinz makes a bloody good bean!

Not only will you love it, but your guests will as well. So, when they ask about your baked beans, you only need to say, ‘Oh, it's just Heinz with my own twist’. They will never know.

6. Monster Munch

Ever heard of the monster claw-shaped crisps? That’s monster munch!

These crips are super popular in the UK, boasting three delicious flavors: Roast Beef, Pickled Onion, and Flamin’ Hot. So, something for everyone!

Although aimed towards children, these Walkers manufactured crisps are popular amongst all ages, so take advantage of our services and let's get you munching on some Monster Munch!

7. Ribena

We know all about the blood feud Americans had to live through, the Cola Wars. It divided families, upended industries, and took over television commercials: oh, the humanity!

But, what Americans don't know, is why you were fighting in the first place. Well, it was because you couldn't buy Ribena. Ok, that's just a bit of fun, but seriously, Ribena is a degree of refreshment you have not yet experienced.

Ribena is a sweet juice drink made from blackcurrants but cola at the same time. While it's great on its own, you can also use it in chia pudding, pancakes, and homemade vegan bars. Again, when everyone begs you for the recipe, just tell them it's a family secret. Remember, we're on your side here.

8. Irn-Bru

Known for its bright orange color and interestingly unique flavor, Irn-Bru is a popular drink amongst the brits. No one can quite put their finger on what exactly Irn-Bru tastes like. Bubblegum? Cream Soda? Tutti Fruity? The list goes on!

Irn-Bru was created in Scotland and so is super popular amongst the Scots - you could almost say it is Scotland’s national drink!

Why not take a shot at guessing Irn-Bru’s mysterious flavor yourself? Leave getting this delicious beverage to us, and you use your powerful taste buds to guess the rest!

9. Hobnobs

Okay, we are not going to get into the cookie vs biscuit argument because it's just ridiculous. Right? Honestly, do you need to click ‘ACCEPT’ before you start eating them?

Hobnobs may not be well known worldwide, but it is guaranteed that anyone born, raised, or who has ever visited the UK knows about them. And the sad thing is, the United States is the only place on Earth where you can't buy Hobnobs. But that doesn't mean you can get them!

As Hobnobs are made primarily of oats, they are so much more than a....cookie (OK, we said it). Think about crushing them to use as pie crust or crumble to turn an average pudding or ice cream into something no one else has tasted before.

How To Use Our Forwarding Service

We know that the entire concept of buying something from the other side of the planet, shipping it to strange people you have never met, and trusting them to mail it to you could sound a bit concerning. Actually, we're going to fire the guy that wrote that.
Let's try that again. Buying online is the most efficient way to go shopping in the 21st century. While online stores bring every store in the world into your living room, getting the stuff to your front door is a different issue altogether.

That is where forward2me comes in. International shipping can be overwhelming, confusing, difficult to navigate, and take more time to deal with than shopping did.

But, with forward2me, the entire process is reduced to 4 straightforward steps:

  • Create your forward2me account.
  • Shop any online UK or EU store.
  • Use the shipping address we sent you in your account confirmation email.
  • Return back here, choose from the available shipping options, and wait for your stuff to arrive! (hint: just click the sidebar chevron icon to take you to the log-in menu icon). 

Here's an example of how easy it is. Let's say you are a Brit living abroad, and you want to buy some home staples online. You can various online UK retailers and simply place your order, use our address, tell us how to send it, and wait for the shipment of your favorite British foods to arrive at your front door.

Seriously, it couldn't be any more straightforward.

Shop British Brands With Forward2Me

We have listed nine cherished British foods you can use forward2me to have and enjoy in your home. But, the opportunity and options are not limited to those 9. In fact, there are literally thousands of brands you can buy, items you can try, or stores you can shop at, and we will get all of them to you.

We have listed nine cherished British foods you can use forward2me to have and enjoy in your home. But, the opportunity and options are not limited to those 9. In fact, there are literally thousands of brands you can buy, items you can try, or stores you can shop at, and we will get all of them to you.

The thing is, some stores simply don't want to deal with international shipping - it only seems to make things more complicated or confusing. But no longer. Forward2Me is in the business of opening the doors of every store to anyone who wants to shop.

With our service, you can shop anywhere in the UK, including our famous upmarket department store scene, including John Lewis, Harrods, Mark & Spencer, Alex Eagle, E. Tautz, Lock & Co, and thousands more. And you can buy anything from a hat to washing machines.


Everyone knows and understands that the cost of shipping greatly varies due to various factors. These factors include:

  • Origin of the shipping
  • Destination
  • Size and weight of the package
  • What you are shipping
  • Which carrier used
  • Shipping options (overnight, 2-day, etc.)

We have created a shipping calculator to assist in this cost inquiry.

For reasons beyond our control, some UK and EU stores won't accept, at least online, credit cards that non-UK or non-EU banks issued. Not to worry, we have solved that problem as well. Not only will we mail your purchases to you, but we will also buy them for you. We call it your Personal Shopper.

While we will ship virtually anything you order in an established UK or EU store, we are bound by both international and various domestic laws that govern the mail. To best understand what may not be shippable, please check our shipping FAQ.

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