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Why kids big and small love Lego

From humble beginnings in a rural farming community in Denmark, Lego has had its ups and down in its history but has experienced a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years. Now with estimated world-wide annual sales of $1 billion in 130 countries and having claimed the accolade of being the num...
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Buying baby milk from the UK

British baby formula brands are considered amongst the best in the world.  The most popular baby milk brands in the UK are Aptamil, Cow & Gate, Hipp & SMA, all of which are readily and freely available from many large supermarkets and retailers here in the UK at affordable prices. As su...
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Fall in love with Valentine’s Day shopping!

It's February - officially the month of love. Originally celebrated on 15th February as a fertility festival, Pope Gelasius I declared 14th February to be St Valentine’s Day around the year 496. Having been around for so long, you might think that buying Valentine's gifts for loved ones was second...
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Which new tech did you receive over the festive season?

Everybody loves a new bit of tech and Christmas is the ideal time to get it. After all, you’re likely to have had at least a couple of days off work, giving you loads of time to set up and play with your new gadget or piece of kit. If you didn’t quite get what you wanted for Christmas, you may have ...
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Oh baby! A guide to buying prams, pushchairs and car seats

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is a truly exciting time. One of the main things you will be booking to purchase in the run up to your baby being born is a pram or other form of travel system in which to transport your new little bundle of joy around in. Whether you’ve been there and done it be...
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