terms and restrictions

the rules


One shipment per household


Express shipments only


Up to 30 kg


Up to 120 cm length

shipping options explained

On Send It Monday you will have two options to choose from for your shipment. 

direct shipping

Your first option is quite straightforward. After your package has been processed, you can have it sent directly by courier of your choice. You can also opt for multi-piece shipments, provided the original packaging does not require repacking . This is the perfect option for single packages and if you need your items delivered as fast as possible.

Combine & repack

You can optimize the weight via repacking and combining multiple parcels into one bigger box. At this stage, you will be able to see value estimate range. Once the parcels are processed, you will see the exact cost and will be able to create a shipment. Keep in mind that the combine and repack process for Send It Monday will be completed and ready for shipment to achieve a guaranteed delivery by 25th of December. In order to achieve this guarantee, all parcels will be optimised and shipped no later than Tuesday 20th December. You can find great value in this option.

Items that incur additional fees

forward2me has no control over these charges, the discount for Send It Monday applies to shipping costs only. 


Dangerous Goods









nail varnish

Nail Varnish

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