Where To Buy Sylvanian Families In The UK And How To Ship Worldwide

Sylvanian Families have been around for many years and have won the hearts of people of all ages. Sylvanian Families were designed with the following three concepts in mind: Nature, Love and Family - the word "Sylvan" even means "living in the forest"!

Created in Japan in 1985, these flocking toys (referring to the soft texture of the toys) have inspired imaginations for many years and are still relevant today to teach children and adults valuable life lessons.

The setting for Sylvanian Families is the land of Sylvania, a place with a lot of love and nature. The toys allow children to enter an imaginary world where they can learn about important family values, how to share, and even learn important social skills. They can create their own stories and learn more about what it means to be part of a family or to be a good friend to others.

These delicate and carefully-crafted toys help children learn to share ideas through play, and kids and adults can use their imagination to go on many adventures with their Sylvanian Families.

There is a variety of family sets consisting of different animals, houses for the families, shops to build an entire town in Sylvania, accessories, and furniture like a table or sofa to place within the houses and shops. You can even buy a car to help your family get around Sylvania!

Although Sylvanian Families are available worldwide, the UK stocks a full range of these lovable toy families.
If you or your children want to collect all the Sylvanian Family members, you may have to start looking abroad, specifically at UK Sylvanian Families stores. We can help you order Sylvanian Families from the UK that you might not get anywhere else and ship them worldwide with UK parcel forwarding

Why Are Sylvanian Families Only Available In Certain Regions?

Sylvanian Families were created in Japan in 1985 and since then, have spread across the world. Different characters, accessories, and furniture are available in other countries, so if you want to collect the complete set, you will have to look outside your own country and check out international online stores, as these toys are sold in over 50 countries.

Certain Sylvanian Family sets are only released in Japan, the UK, and Europe. Even in Mexico, you can find Sylvanian Families exclusive to the country (called "Lindos Ternurines"). Limited Edition sets will also be restricted to particular countries and cannot be found elsewhere unless you purchase them online.

The US and Canadian equivalent to Sylvanian Families are “Calico Critters”, which have slight differences in appearance and are sold by a different company. This can make it confusing for collectors to find local distributors of Sylvanian Families.

Why Get Sylvanian Families Shipped From The UK?

After becoming popular in Japan in 1985, Sylvanian Families found their way to the UK in 1987. They were awarded "Toy of the Year" three years in a row by the British Association of Toy Retailers - from 1987 to 1989. However, they decreased in popularity thereafter and started disappearing from shelves, making them rare collection items. Luckily, the love for them grew again in the late 1990s.

Since then, these family-friendly toys have been loved by all and have increasingly grown in popularity throughout the years.
Because of the popularity of these toys in the UK, they are available at an affordable price and across a variety of shops - both in-store and online. You can get the full range of family sets, theme pieces and accessories from Sylvanian Families stockists in the UK. This includes the mother, father, babies, furniture, homes and village shops.

You can also find Limited Edition Family Sets or Accessories that are only found in the UK, making them real collector's items.
The UK also stocks a wide range of Sylvanian Family accessories and specialised sets, like the Amusement Park set, the Twins and Triplets sets, the Family Trip and Seaside sets, and the Ready to Play sets.

Unfortunately, not all online toy stores in the UK ship internationally. This means that you will have to get friends and family in the UK to help you with a local shipping address. This is not ideal, so why not sign up for your own free UK shipping address? This way, we can send your parcel directly to you anywhere in the world. 

You can trust in a smooth delivery process when you use us to forward your Sylvanian Family order from the UK. You'll enjoy clear communication on your expected delivery date so you can put your feet up and wait for your delivery to arrive. 

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families In The UK?

Below is a list of places to buy these toys online in the UK for delivery to save you the time of searching yourself.

sylvanian families official site

The official Sylvanian Families UK Store is one of the best places to get a wide range of Sylvanian Family merchandise at retail prices. To purchase from them, you need to make a free online account before you can start adding toys to your basket.
The Official Store allows various payment types (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and PayPal).

The Official Store ships only to the UK, and therefore you can use our parcel forwarding service to send your parcels to the rest of the world from your very own free shipping address.


Amazon UK stocks a wide range of Sylvanian Family toys, and although they do ship internationally, the international shipping fees can be pretty high.

You can get various sets or individual family members on Amazon UK, and the search function makes it easy to find precisely what you want. You can enter your local address to see if Amazon UK ships to you and check the shipping cost. But if you want to pay less, enter the details of your free UK shipping address provided by us to get your products shipped to you easily and affordably.

argos uk

Argos is a well-loved online retailer in the UK because of its wide variety of products. They sell furniture, clothing, appliances, home and garden products, and of course - toys! They have a brilliant range of Sylvanian Families playsets and individual family members to choose from - in fact, they have about 30 Sylvanian Families products.

To order from Argos, you can register a free account and get ordering!

wigwam toys

Wigwam Toys is based in East Sussex and stocks toys from international manufacturers, local brands and well-known designers. They often have special offers and discounts on their toys, so keep an eye out for sales on your favourite Sylvanian Families items.

Once you create a free account, you can start shopping! Their incredible range of Sylvanian Families is available for shipping in only the UK, and we are happy to help you get your parcel to your country.

smyths uk

Smyths Toys is an establishment in the UK. They stock a variety of locally-loved toys, including an almost full range of Sylvanian Families and the associated accessories.

To order from Smyths Toys, you first need to create a free account and set up your payment method. After that, you can start adding a mix-and-match of Sylvanian Families (and other toys) to your basket for checkout.

This beloved online store can dispatch to locations across the UK, and we can help you by forwarding your parcel to your country outside of the UK.

Which Sylvanian Families Sets Are Available In The UK?

You can find the full range of Sylvanian Families sets in the UK through any of the stores listed above. Each family will consist of a mother and father and some babies or children - usually, you get four characters for one price.

Here are just a few of the sets that you can find in UK stores:

  • Various Rabbit Families

  • Kangaroo Family

  • Various Dog Families

  • Various Bear Families

  • Various Cat Families

  • Elephant Family

  • Various Otter Families

  • Woolly Alpaca Family

  • Various Mouse Families

  • Monkey Family

  • Red Panda Family

  • Walnut Squirrel Family

  • Hedgehog Family

  • Hamster Family

In addition to these family sets, you can also get various playsets, furniture sets and gift sets. You can also purchase individual items for specific themes, including:

  • Wedding

  • Seaside

  • Camping

  • Ballet

  • Professional (e.g. dentist chairs, nursing stations, and the country doctor's office)

  • School.

How Much Do Sylvanian Families Cost In The UK?

The cost of these adorable critters from Sylvania will depend on exactly what product you buy. Family sets and limited edition pieces are more expensive, while individual furniture items are more affordable and will only cost a couple of pounds. Below is a breakdown of some prices you can expect to pay for these anthropomorphic animal toys in the UK.

  • Family set: £14.99 to £24.99

  • Limited edition family set: £37.99

  • Homes: £19.99 to £120.00

  • Vehicles: £17.99 to £59.99

  • Furniture: £3.99 to £10.99

  • Room sets: £9.99 to £26.99

  • Themes: £3.99 to £110.00 for different themed pieces.

Keep an eye out for regular sales and discounted items. In addition, look out on eBay UK for Sylvanian Families at great prices!

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