Shipping Plants


Or, to give it another title, Round and Round the Mulberry Bush with forward2me - a cautionary tale! If you're sitting comfortably, I'll begin...

Once upon a time, somebody who lived far, far away decided that they would like to order a tree to remind them of home. They chose a mulberry. The mulberry is famous from a children's nursery rhyme but also did you know that they were first introduced into the UK in the early 17th century to be food for silk moths? Did you know too that they made a mistake and introduced the wrong type of mulberry, Morus nigra, instead of the white mulberry, Morus alba, favoured by moth caterpillars?  I digress...This particular mulberry was ordered and arrived here in Garstang, ready for its long journey across the sea to a new home in a faraway place.

DHL, the band of magical transportation wizards, were ready to deliver the tree. Alas, they couldn't because the evil harbingers of paperwork in yonder ivory tower would not let the little tree travel lest it spread pestilence and diseases. They said it needed a phytosanitary certificate, a plant passport, and to be inspected which would have cost everyone involved many, many gold coins. Everybody looked deep in their pockets but nobody had enough treasure to pay for such things. Sadly, the owner of the tree would never get to see it, nor taste its bounteous fruits. Happily, the owner said the tree could stay with the kind people at forward2me, who vowed to look after it and treat it well so that it could live happily ever after.   They named it Frederick (after the customer that made the purchase).

The End.

So the moral of the tale is that although you can order plants and other restricted items, and they will arrive at forward2me, we cannot guarantee that they can be shipped. Plants need a plant passport (to travel in Europe) and be deemed fit to travel through an inspection for the rest of the world. Check out the pages at DEFRA (and the eyebrow raising costs involved...they charge over £49 for each 15 minute period) to find out about the legal restrictions on importing and exporting plants. We are at the mercy of legislation and restrictions on goods that have the potential to cause environmental damage. It's not just the plant, it's the soil and any insects or pests that could be harboured in the plant's environs. There are many restricted items that can cause problems. We will do our utmost to give everyone a happy ending but sometimes, just sometimes, the evil empire wins...