How to Buy Online From Mercari Japan and Ship Worldwide

If you’re looking for a specific rare collectible or want to find Japanese items, Mercari Japan is a great place to shop. The online marketplace is extremely popular in Japan, offering buyers the opportunity to find everything from manga and anime to clothing and beauty products. 

Buying on the Mercari website isn’t easy if you live outside of Japan. However, with forward2me’s Japanese parcel forwarding service, you can shop for unique items and ship them directly to your door with no hassle.  We’ve put together a guide on how to buy from Mercari Japan, covering everything you need to know about the Japanese online store

What is Mercari Japan?

Online marketplace Mercari is a flea market where people sell everything from second-hand designer clothing to anime. It’s the perfect place to shop if you’re looking for something in particular or just want to see what unique items you can buy. 

Unfortunately, the Mercari Japan app and website is exclusively for Japanese sellers and buyers only, meaning it’s extremely difficult for foreign customers to access the site. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t shop on Mercari as long as you use a Japanese address, phone number and payment method. 

Does Mercari Japan offer international shipping?

No, it doesn’t. The Mercari app and website is limited to Japanese customers with an address in Japan. Most sellers won’t ship internationally, which is why using our parcel forwarding service is the best way to buy. 

Once you’ve selected your items, you can check out and use your brand new Japanese address. The seller will then ship your items and these will arrive at our Japanese warehouse. From here, we will ship these out to anywhere in the world using your preferred courier choice. It couldn’t be any simpler! 

How we help you buy from mercari japan

mercari international shipping from japan

At forward2me, we help you to purchase unique Japanese items and ship them directly to your door. The process is simple to follow and gives you easy access to Japanese online stores like Mercari. 

1 - Sign up for your free Japanese address

The first step is to sign up for your FREE forward2me shipping address. This will give you access to a new Japanese forwarding address for you to use when shopping on Japanese stores

2 - Go to the Mercari Japan website and start shopping

Visit Mercari Japan and start browsing the products you’re looking for. There is only a Japanese version of the website, so you may need to use a translation service like Google Translate if you don’t have a good understanding of Japanese.

3 - Order your items to your forward2me Japanese address

Once you’ve found your items, pay for them and use your new Japanese forwarding address. This ensures your products are shipped to our Japanese warehouse.

4 - We receive & ship your package

We will then receive your parcel at our warehouse, and you’ll be sent a notification to choose a courier of your choice. The package is then shipped to your home address.

Your items from Mercari Japan arrive at your home

All you need to do now is sit back and wait for your new purchases to arrive. 

What can you buy from Mercari?

You can buy a lot of items from Mercari Japan and there are so many listings to look through. Second-hand branded items are some of the biggest sellers, including clothing, handbags and more. You can also find plenty of other things on the Mercari site.

comics from mercari


Comic books are some of the most popular items to buy directly from Japan. You can get limited edition copies and access to comics that aren’t available anywhere else. Alongside this, you can also get hold of unique anime figures and other anime goods such as cards, badges and posters.

manga books from mercari japan

Manga Books

Online marketplaces like Mercari are some of the best places to find specific manga books, giving you the chance to search for new books. The website has everything from single editions to complete collections for you to buy. You can pick specific categories of manga, including Shonen manga, Shojo manga, and Seinen manga.

shop fashion from mercari japan


One of the biggest types of listings on Mercari is for fashion items. If you’re looking for a specific brand name or want to purchase Japanese clothes or bags, it’s simple to find what you want. You could buy the latest in Japanese street fashion or choose clothing from well-known brands which aren’t available outside of Japan.

order watches online from mercari japan


Another item commonly purchased is watches, especially those from respected brands. You can buy analogue and digital watches and ones with leather straps, rubber straps, and metal straps. Keep an eye out for great deals on designer watches, and you might find something special. 

How to buy from the Mercari online store

Even though Mercari is for people living in Japan, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy from listings on the marketplace. The process of buying from Mercari is easy with forward2me.

Step 1 - Go to the Mercari Website

Head to the Mercari website and start searching for what you’d like to buy. Use the search bar at the top of the homepage to directly search for items. As the majority of sellers don’t speak English, it’s best to search using Japanese. If you don’t speak the language, you can use Google Translate to help you. 

Step 2 - Navigate the Websitе

As the Mercari app and website are in Japanese, you may need help navigating these. When you search, you can filter results using different selections to tailor your search. Some of these are:

  • Kīwādo o tsuika suru (キーワードを追加す) = This is where you add a keyword to edit your search query.
  • Kategorī o sentaku suru (カテゴリーを選択する) = This shows the category options There are several categories to choose from which is an excellent filter to use if you’re looking for something specific. 
  • Burando-mei kara sagasu (ブランド名から探す) = The filter allows you to search for using brand names. For the best results, search for brands in Japanese.
  • Saizu o shitei suru (サイズを指定する) = Use this filter if you want to search for a specific size of item, including Japanese sizes for clothing. 
  • Kakaku (価格) = This filter allows you to set a price range on your searches. 
  • Shōhin no jōtai (商品の状態) = Look for this if you want to filter by condition. There are six main conditions, which are new (新品), unused (未使用), slightly used (未使用に近い), good condition (目立った傷や汚れなし), general wear and tear (やや傷や汚れあり/傷や汚れあり), and poor condition (全体的に状態が悪い).
  • Haisō-ryō no futan (配送料の負担) = You can also filter by how you’ll pay for the delivery of your item, either with shipping included (送料込み) or cash on delivery (着払い). 
  • Hanbai jōkyō (販売状況) = Use this filter category to sort items based on whether they are 販売中 (available) or 売り切れ (sold out). 

Step 3 - Add products to your basket

Once you search for the items you want to find, you’ll be able to see whichever listings are the best fit for your search. The next step is to find out all the information you can about the item before purchasing it.
Some of the specifics to looks out for include category (カテゴリー), size (商品のサイズ), brand (ブランド ) and the condition of the item (商品の状態). It’s always a good idea to look at previous reviews from the seller (出品者) to see whether they’re worth buying from. The product should have shipping information to tell you the location of the item (配送元地域), method of shipping (配送の方法 ), and how the estimated time for shipping (発送日の目安).
If you’re happy with the item and want to buy it, it’s time to make an offer. You may need to use a proxy buying service if you don’t have a Japanese payment method. 

Step 4 - Order using forward2me's Japanese address

When you place your order, remember to use your Japanese forwarding address and not your home address. Your item will be shipped to our warehouse and then forwarded to your location using a courier service. We can ship from Japan to the USA, UK, Australia and other overseas countries.

mercari Frequently Asked Questions

Mercari is similar to eBay as it’s an online marketplace selling second-hand items in most cases. As eBay is not available in Japan, this website is one of many online flea markets that offers a range of items like this. 

Yes, a lot of items on Mercari are second-hand, but you can also buy new and nearly new items. Always look at the photos on listings for more details, or you could contact a seller.

As there is only a Japanese version of the website and app, you can’t easily view it in English. However, you can try to translate Mercari Japan using Google Translate. 

Mercari works in a similar way to other auction-based websites. Once you find an item you like, you would make an offer to the seller. The seller then has 24 hours to either accept, send a counteroffer, or decline. 
Every offer is binding. If you want to remove your offer, you’ll need to ask the seller to decline it within 24 hours. 

You need to have a Japanese payment method to buy from Mercari. Another option is to use a proxy bidding service and these may allow you to use payments like PayPal, American Express, and Visa. However, you will need to check this with whichever bidding service you use. 

Shipping from a seller in Japan differs depending on the method they use. The easiest way to ship is by using forward2me. We can also combine and repack your items if you order from different sellers or online stores into one shipment. 

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