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Are you looking to get your hands on rare and high-quality original Japanese dojinshi from outside of Japan? Let us help you get your favourite items to your door with a free Japanese forwarding address. Forward2me’s Japanese forwarding service transports your purchases through our Japanese warehouse and then on to your front door anywhere in the world in no time at all.

We’ve put together the below guide to help you purchase products from Melonbooks Japan quickly and easily.

What is Melonbooks Japan?

Melonbooks is the one-stop shop for all dojinshi products, including manga, anime Blu-ray, video games and more. Founded in 1998, Melonbooks have the largest online and offline bookstores that specifically sells doujinshi products in Japan. In Japan itself, you will find over 30 physical bookstores for you to browse but if you’re buying from overseas, their online store is the best place to go.

What is Dojinshi?

Doujinshi, the name of Japanese self-published works, is created by groups of individuals called “circles” or “doujin”. People will often think of doujinshi as referring to manga comics, but many other things can be doujinshi, including light novels, magazines, soundtracks, video games, and more! 

How do I order from Melonbooks International?

melonbooks japan international shipping

Using forward2me, we can help you order all of the doujinshi products you could ever wish for and have them shipped internationally through our Japanese warehouse.

1 - Sign up for your free Japanese address

To begin shopping on Melonbooks, you first need to sign up for a FREE forward2me Japanese forwarding address.

2 - Go to the Melonbooks Japan website and start shopping

Then you just need to head to the Melonbooks Japan website and shop around as you usually would do, adding items to your basket. The website will be in Japanese, so that you may need a third party translator, like Google Translate which is built into Google Chrome, to navigate the site effectively.

3 - Order your items to your forward2me Japanese address

Once you have found the products you want, add them to your basket like any other online store. Pay for your products and put in your forward2me Japanese forwarding address you signed up for earlier. This ensures your products are shipped to our Japanese warehouse.

4 - We receive & ship your package

Once we have your package, we will notify you to indicate which shipping methods you want us to use to get your items to you. If you have ordered multiple items from different sellers, we can also hold your package and combine and repack it with the others to save you on shipping costs. 

5 - Your items from Melonbooks Japan arrive at your home 

Once you have told us what delivery method you prefer, your items will be shipped directly to you. We can ship from Japan to the USA, UK, Australia and other overseas countries, so you are likely to get your hands on doujinshi products wherever you are in the world.

What can you buy from Melonbooks Japan?

If you love all things doujinshi, Melonbooks is the place you need to shop for all new and extremely popular original doujinshi products.


Doujinshi is the unofficial fan-made works are inspired by popular manga, anime, or video games known throughout Japan and beyond. They are usually in high demand as it allows fans to see another side of their favourite characters in settings and situations that may not be seen in official material. Some of the more popular doujinshi can be found on Melonbooks, including Totally Captivated: The Last Episode, From Star Strings and NightS -Another Night.

If you need further help on shopping in Japan, read our Japanese online shopping guide.

Melonbooks Japan Frequently Asked Questions

The Melonbooks online store has a digital bookstore alongside their physical stores. You are more likely to get your hands on rare original or adult content on the Japanese online stores as foreign customers as this will be easier for you to access.

Non-Japanese payment methods like PayPal can’t be used on Melonbooks Japan.

Buy from Melonbooks online all of your doujinshi needs. With a vast selection of original and new doujinshi, forward2me can help you purchase these anime items and ship them overseas.

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