How to buy online from Mandarake Japan and Ship Worldwide

Japan has a vast selection of anime and manga items that can only be purchased in the country. One of the largest online stores is Mandarake Japan, known for their extensive collection of doujinshi, manga, cels, toys, shitajiki, CDs, posters and art-books, but have no fear, with a free forward2me Japanese forwarding address, you too can get your hands on this extensive collection no matter where you are in the world!

How we help you buy from Mandarake Japan

mandarake international shipping from japan
If you want to shop online at Mandarake Japan and ship to countries like the UK, the US or Europe, then you’ll need to set up a forwarding address. Following the below simple steps, forward2me can help you shop on Mandarake as though you live in Japan! Once you are set up, you’ll be able to purchase all of the unique items that you’ll find on Mandarake Japan, as well as a number of other Japanese retailers, which can be found in our Japanese online shopping hub.

1 - Sign up for your free Japanese address

Sign up for your FREE forward2me shipping address and get access to a Japanese forwarding address immediately.

2 - Go to the Mandarake Japan website and start shopping

Browse Mandrake Japan for the products you’re looking for. The site may load in Japanese, so you need to translate this into your language (Google Chrome has a built-in translator).

3 - Order your items to your forward2me Japanese address

When you’re ready to check out, rather than putting in your home address, you will put in your forward2me Japanese address to have your products shipped to our Japanese warehouse.

4 - We receive & ship your package

Once we receive your order, you will get a notification to choose your courier options to have your package shipped to you.

Sit back and relax! Your package will be with you very soon from your chosen courier.

What can you buy from Mandarake?

With such a wide selection of pop culture memorabilia, magazines, comics, DVDs, costumes, and so much more, collectors and Manga fans alike are sure to find incredible rare finds on the Mandarake online shop.
comics from mandarake


From Five Star Stories to Gundam, you can find plenty of rare Manga comics for sale on the Mandarake store. There are also many exciting vintage comics, including ones from the pre-war era before 1945, which are rare to get a hold of outside of Japan. 
manga books from mandarake japan

Manga Books

Mandarake also stocks a wide range of Manga books in various categories from science & humanities to art/culture and inner self. These can all be purchased online and shipped to your home using your free forward2me shipping address.
shop figures and toys from mandarake

Anime Figures & Toys

Mandarake is also a great place to shop for vintage figurines and toys from well-known Anime shows and films. Dragon Ball Z, Gokin, Godzilla and Pokemon are just a few of the popular anime collectable franchises you can purchase.
buy doujinshi from mandarake japan


Doujinshi is the Japanese word for self-published works such as Manage, magazines, books and novels. Find your favourite self published work or discover a new artist with their extensive range.

How to buy from the Mandarake online store

Below we will explain a simple step by step process on how to order from the Japanese Mandarake store.

Step 1 - Go to the Mandarake Website

You first need to head over to the Mandarake website through this URL: 
It might not seem as clean and polished as the eCommerce websites you’re typically used to browsing, but we will help you navigate through

Step 2 - Navigate the Websitе

There are three main ways to navigate the site: the search bar, the main menu and the site update pages:
Search Bar: If you already know what you’re looking for, you can use the search bar at the top of the site to find the product and related products with your keywords. On the left sidebar, you can refine your search with filters. Below we have outlined some of the most useful filters you may need for search:
  • カテゴリを絞る: Choosing a product category.

  • 出品店舗: Filter by products in a specific shop.

  • 売り切れ: Show only available products or also those that have already been sold.

  • 値段で絞る : Filter by price range of the product.

  • 時間で絞る : Filter by most recently added items.

  • アダルト商品 : Hide adult-only products.

  • 在庫状態 : To change the order in which products are displayed.

  • 商品区分 : To filter by only new, used or both products.

From here, you will be directed to an overview page where each product is displayed with crucial information such as:
  • The price excluding tax (this will be added on later).
  • The name of the shop which has the item.

  • "カート" button which adds the product directly to your basket.

  • "あとで見る" button is used to add the item to your wish list.

Click on the thumbnail or the name of the item to reach the product page.

  • Main menu: The main menu is found directly under the search bar and is organised by various categories such as Manga books, Toys, Doujin and much more.

  • Site update pages: Every 6 hours, Mandarake updates its listings with pages of new products on the left-hand side of the site. Check back regularly to find unique, rare finds.

Step 3 - Add products to your basket

Once you are happy you have found the products you want, add them to your basket, ready for check out

Step 4 - Order via forward2me's Japanese address

When you have everything in the basket you want to purchase, go through the check out process as you would typically, but rather than putting in your home address into the delivery address field, you need to put in your free forward2me Japanese address. Your items will be shipped to our Japanese warehouse, which will then be sent to you at your home.

mandarake Frequently Asked Questions

Mandarake is similar to eBay in that it does have auctions in which users can bid on products; however, you predominantly outright purchase items from the site. Mandarake is also a chain with physical stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, which eBay sellers might not.

Yes, Mandarake does sell second-hand goods; however, they are checked to be the highest quality possible for you.

There is an English version of the Mandarake Japan; however, it does not have the extensive catalogue of products that the Japan site has, so you may not find all of the items you are looking for. Instead, you can use 3rd party translators, for example, the Google Translate add-on for Chrome, that will translate your web pages for you in the browser.

There are three types of the auction on the Mandarake store:
  • Everyday Auction: This auction happens every day with no registration fee required; you only need to sign up for an account to participate.

  • Big Web Auction: This auction happens every two months and has an entrance fee of $5 for the product catalogue. Purchasing a catalogue is like buying a ticket to the auction to participate.

  • Live Auctions: These auctions are frequently happening, allowing everyone on the site to bid on the identical product simultaneously, just like in a real life auction. Like the everyday auction, you need to register in advance on the site to participate.

Mandarake accepts payment via PayPal, except for adult-only products, including all items related to the Hentai.

Depending on the size and weight of your package and where it is being shipped to, it could cost between 1,130 yen and 8,200 yen if shipped directly from the Mandarake store. This can be very expensive if you are getting items from different sellers as you will have to pay multiple shipping charges. Instead, you can take advantage of forward2me’s combine and repack or consolidation services to cut down on shipping costs of all of your items.

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