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As Japan's biggest auction website, Yahoo Auctions Japan is the best place to shop if you're looking for second-hand products or rare collectables to add to your collection. You can find almost anything from sellers on the site, ranging from first edition unopened Pokémon trading card packs to traditional Japanese kitchenware.

Buying online from Japan is easier than ever, especially with forward2me's Japanese parcel forwarding service. The process of buying and shipping from Japan is simple, giving you access to unique products. We've put together everything you need to know about buying from Yahoo Auctions Japan's online marketplace and how to ship your purchase internationally. 

What is Yahoo Auctions Japan?

Yahoo Auctions Japan is the best Japanese online website to visit if you're looking for second-hand items and rare collectables. Sometimes known as Yafuoku, the auction site sees millions of items bought and sold every day. 

The marketplace rose in popularity in recent years following the closure of eBay in Japan, leaving it as the biggest auction site in the country. Yahoo Auctions uses an auto-bidding system, so you'll need to use a proxy-bidding service if you live outside of Japan. 

Does Yahoo Auction Japan ship internationally?

The Yahoo Auction website is for Japanese residents only, and most Japanese sellers will not ship internationally to other countries. You'll also need to use a proxy-bidding service to be able to bid on items. The website only accepts a Japanese payment method, so you can't use foreign credit cards or PayPal. All prices are in yen and this is the main currency used on the website. 

However, with a Japanese forwarding address from forward2me, you can easily ship your new purchase to your home address. We can ship items worldwide, from Japan to the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and other countries. Forward2me also offers a package consolidation and combine and repack service, which is perfect if you're buying multiple items.

You may also be looking for Japanese clothing to get delivered to your home, outside of Japan. Discover more over at our guide on how to purchase Japanese clothing online and have it delivered to your door.

Once your item arrives at our warehouse, we'll forward this onto you for delivery.  

We can help you buy from Yahoo Auctions Japan - follow these easy steps:

yahoo auctions international shipping from japan

Once you've purchased your items, we're here to help them arrive with you. All you need to do is search for what you're looking for, buy it and then we'll re-ship it to your home address. The process is simple

  • Get your free Japanese forwarding address

  • Visit 

  • Use the search bar to find an auction or use one of the listed categories

  • Start bidding in your auction 

  • If you have the winning bid, make payment and use your Japanese shipping address

  • Once your items arrive at our warehouse, we'll get them to you via the courier service you've chosen.

  • Enjoy your new purchases!

Why buy on Yahoo Auctions Japan?

As a popular marketplace, there are many reasons why people choose to buy from Yahoo Auctions Japan. 

Exclusive Japanese item

It's a great place to go if you're looking for a specific item. There are millions of auctions run every day and a variety of sellers to choose from, meaning you're sure to find what you're looking for. 

Variety of sellers

There are thousands of sellers on the platform and each offers something different. Whether you're looking for a specialist in manga or lolita clothing, there will be a seller for you. 

Items you won't find elsewhere

One of the best reasons for buying goods on Yahoo Auctions Japan is to access things you won't find anywhere else at great prices. The online store is full of exclusives. These will change every day as auctions update and each seller updates stock.

What can you buy on Yahoo Auctions Japan?

Yahoo Auctions Japan is full of rare items to be discovered, making it an extremely popular place to shop. With lots of second-hand items to start bidding on, you can find anything from rare collectables to Japanese fashion.

Pokemon trading cards from yahoo

Pokémon cards

One of the most popular items sold on Yahoo is Pokémon cards. Trading cards have again grown in popularity and are highly sought after, especially first edition trading card sets and holos. You'll be able to find everything from unopened packs to graded cards.

limited disney items from yahoo auctions japan

Limited edition Disney items

If you're a Disney fan, there are lots of collectables to look through. From exclusive figurines of characters to handbags and clothing, there are lots to discover. 

vintage consoles from japan japan

Vintage gaming consoles

Japan is well known for its gaming culture, and many of the world's most loved consoles have come from the country. Avid gamers look on Yahoo to find everything from arcade machines to original N64 games. 

Pokemon trading cards from yahoo

Comics & anime

Another item people specifically shop for is Japanese comics and anime books, a lot of which are limited to release in Japan. Additionally, you can purchase clothing and memorabilia from popular comics and anime.

antiques and collectables from yahoo auctions japan

Antiques & collectables

There are also a lot of unique antiques to explore, such as coins, artwork, homeware, technology, screens, furniture and more. The auction site gives you access to items that you won't be able to buy outside of Japan.

japanese fashion from yahoo auctions

Japanese fashion

Japan is well known for its streetwear and fashion, and Yahoo is a great place to buy specific clothing items. You can buy everything from jackets and lolita dresses to bags, shoes and traditional Japanese clothing.  There will be a merchant for you, lolita clothing. You can read more about how to buy Japanese apparel brands online in our guide today.

How to shop on Yahoo Auctions Japan in English

Most sellers on Yahoo Auction will speak Japanese, so you'll need to use a translation service if you don't. The best way to do this is to use Google Chrome while shopping on the auction page, as this will translate some text for you.

As this site is only available in Japanese, there is no English version and you might need help navigating. The easiest way to start shopping is to search for what you want in the search bar. It's better to search in Japanese, so you may need to translate your searches. There are also categories listed down the left side of the website.

Each search is divided into three main categories: Furima (フリマ), Subete (すべて) and Okushon (オークション). Furima is the flea market where you can buy without bidding, Subete shows a combination of flea market and auction ads, and Okushon shows you auctions. 

To start your search, you'll need to learn a few basics to understand the process of placing bids. Genzai kakaku (現在価格) means current price, nokori jikan (残り時間) is remaining time, and to see the bids look for nyuusatsu (入札). Some sellers (Shuppinsha - 出品者 ) will offer a buy it now price (Sokketsu kakaku - 即決価格), so it's worth looking out for this too. 

You can further filter your searches by new (新品) and second-hand (中古) products. If すべて is displaying, then you're seeing both new and used items. Once you've successfully bid, it's time to ship your purchases. Remember to use your Japanese forwarding address. Your parcel will arrive at our Japanese warehouse and we will then ship it to you. 

If you need further help on shopping in Japan, read our Japanese online shopping guide.

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