Formula Milk from forward2me


Spring has sprung and there are hungry, bouncing babies everywhere needing their formula milk - or so it seems, anyway. Here at forward2me, we've seen a large increase in shipments of infant formula milk, especially Hipp Organic and Aptamil, heading out to help your hungry babies.

Formula Milk

If it's the wee small hours and your little bundle of delight is howling with hunger and the matchsticks propping your eyes open have slipped again, you might just succumb to the ease and convenience of ready-made formula milk. It comes in cartons or bottles, already sterile. Just heat and pour into your ready-sterilised bottle (you did remember to put the steriliser on, didn't you? Du'oh!). Ready-made formula is also really handy if you're out and about - no more faffing around with containers full of white powder, tipping it all over your lap as your hungry offspring tries to grab hold of it before you've even made it.

Babies drink a lot of milk. If you have space, buying in bulk is cheaper and easier than running out formula milk at two in the morning...our international parcel shipping service is fast, but not that fast! Custard powder and ovaltine are definitely not the same as Aptamil or SMA; so make sure you have a good supply of formula milk powder to hand... We ship from Waitrose, Boots and Mothercare among others. Whether your little ones choice is Hipp Organic, Aptamil or Cow and Gate, just check with our customer services department if you have any queries.

Feeding Equipment

There is an awful lot of paraphernalia out there to do with feeding. Some of it is useful, some just a bit gimmicky. Because what goes in often comes back out, you can never have too many muslin squares and bibs. Babiesrus have some lovely muslins. Bandanas are also 'in' - I've seen many tots with bandana-style bibs out and about. Funkygiraffe has loads of lovely baby stuff.

Bottles are a personal choice and quite a commitment - once you've picked a brand, the steriliser etc. usually fits one type too. I've used these microwave self-sterilising bottles from MAM - they are really handy if you're travelling and only take 3 minutes to sterilise. You don't need to lose space in the kitchen to a bulky steriliser either and most places have a microwave you can use.

Other Useful Baby Stuff

A good bag is essential. There are some stylish and practical ones. Have a look at these from Argos. Carrying kids when travelling is also an art. Slings and backpacks are really practical. We have this LittleLife one for more serious walking and it's been great.

So all you need is your ready-made infant formula, a sterilised bottle, nappies, muslins, a change or two of clothes and a backpack...Off you go! Don't forget the baby...