Are you ready for school?

Back to school they go, the little darlings. Phew! Here at forward2me we've noticed quite a few school essentials coming through our doors. Getting them ready to go back to school can sometimes seem a daunting task, especially as it comes around so quickly. We've done some research into the best school kit available here in the UK so you can use forward2me's secure international delivery to get your munchkins back to school with everything they need.

School Uniform

For the basics at affordable prices, BHS and Matalan offer good value. Marks and Spencers is the family favourite - durable and practical. John Lewis also have a good range. Shoes from Clarks are essential and you can order online with ease as long as you know the right size. Don't try and skimp on shoes - they come back in bits within a week if my son's anything to go by...

School Coats

For boys, a coat that has layers is handy. One with a fleece lining that can be zipped out and put back in on those wintry days is handy. My son loves one with loads of pockets to stash things in that he isn't meant to take to school - lego, sweets, bits of rock...One with a detachable hood is good - saves them being ripped to shreds in playground games! Mountain Warehouse or GoOutdoors do just the thing. Girls need something practical but stylish too. Try M&S or House of Fraser for ideas.

< School Bags

Going back to school without the latest trendy bag would be a huge fashion faux pas. This year's essential bag is a satchel, believe it or not. They have made a come back and are all over the fashion magazines. For character bags such as Peppa Pig, Argos have a good selection, as do ToysRUs.


Having a cool lunchbox is important. It's no good having a babyish one or last year's big thing and being laughed at, is it? Gone are the days of a plain tupperware box with flat, cardboard sandwiches (no - really, my Mum did make me cardboard sandwiches once as an April Fool) and squishy fruit. Huge, insulated, compartmentalised food systems are the business. Far too cool for school? Try these personalised ones from Becky and Lolo or character ones from ToysRUs. Back to school for some fine dining...

Sports Gear

Most clubs and sports begin again once the kids are back to school. Are you ready? Can your washing machine cope with a new onslaught? Affordable sports and swim wear from Sports Direct and JD Sports are good value. You'll need a sports bag to put it all in too.


Start now! Iron-on labels are the easiest if you're like me and can't sew for toffee. An indelible ink pen comes in useful too for shoes and plimsoles.

School Trips

Back to school then off and away? Many schools run trips and if your kids are like mine, the clothes they take won't come back the same (if at all). A supply of 'disposable' stuff from H&M or Asda will fit the bill nicely and keep the bill down too.


You can't stand still when you're going back to school. There are great sets around and some cool pencil cases and accessories. You might need a scientific calculator or a nice pen to get them motivated. Staples or WHSmiths have all they need.

Just don't forget to use forward2me for all your back to school essentials. We can ship everything your youngsters need using our UK parcel forwarding address.