Back to School with forward2me


Are your kids ready for school yet? No matter what age your little darlings are, there's always something that they need to see them through the next school year. At forward2me, we have a flood of parcels full of uniforms, lunch boxes, shoes and stationery ready to go.

According to a recent survey by John Lewis in The Guardian, the first year of secondary school is the most expensive with some parents spending a whopping £7300 in the year (just on one child). Reception and Year 1 are cheapest, but still come in at over £2000. Here at forward2me, we are always interested in ways to help you save money. Use our economical shipping to bring some of the best bargains from the UK so you don't have to shell out quite so much to kit out the kids.

So what do they need?


School Uniform

Many schools have some generic basics as part of the uniform e.g. skirt/trousers, shirts/polo shirts etc. that you can buy just about anywhere. There are two tactics here - buy quality and hope that it lasts the year or buy cheap and stock up with plenty to see you through. In my experience, M&S boy's trousers are great - durable, don't need ironing and last through the year. I'm about to find out if the girls' stuff is as good...The British supermarkets are very competitively priced and offer good value for money too - check out Tescos, Asda and Sainsburys for affordable uniforms.

School Shoes

I leave it to the last minute to buy shoes. My kids' feet have a nasty habit of growing two sizes all of a sudden, usually just after a bumper spend on footwear as the last lot wears out. Trashed is how I would describe most school shoes after a week, scuffed and ragged. Choose something tough and durable; velcro is the best for littlies although my son won't wear anything velcroed now he's officially 'cool' at secondary school. Clarks is the stalwart for kids' shoes, Startrite and Jones the Bootmaker are also high quality. Brantano and Shoesinternational have a huge range to choose from too, just use our door-to-door tracked delivery service.

School Bags

Lunch bags, PE bags and school bags...things that get forgotten, kicked and stuffed to bursting point with wet clothes to fester over the weekend (or entire holidays). I almost forgot to mention the rotting fruit that was allegedly eaten but mysteriously was discovered rotting a few weeks later at the bottom of the bag. You might want to buy a couple of spare bags for just such eventualities! Take a look at bags in JD Sports, Matalan or Adidas as well as the supermarkets mentioned above to bag a bargain.


I have a fondness for stationery. A nice new pen, a clean pad, a shiny pencil case. Stationery makes a lovely gift if you know any kids that are starting school this time round. Files and folders are always useful and you can never have too many pens...Rymans, WH Smiths or The Works are all good for stationery supplies.

School Tech

Are you sending your kids to school with a new phone or laptop? Argos do some reasonable phones, as does Amazon. Asda also have phones at competitive prices. Laptops come in all shapes and sizes and if it's just a machine for homework, you could get a reconditioned one from PC World. If that's not what you're looking for, try John Lewis or Currys for the latest in laptops and tablets.

With our international shipping service, we can deliver everything you need to send your kids away to school ready for anything!