UK to Singapore Parcel Forwarding

UK to Singapore Parcel Forwarding

If you’re based in Singapore and find it difficult ordering items online from the UK, then our service here at forward2me could be the solution that you’re looking for.

We help thousands of customers every year to order goods from the UK to be forwarded around the world, using a real UK shipping address.

Simple & Straightforward UK to Singapore Parcel Forwarding

Forward2me makes it incredibly easy and simple to order goods from the UK to Singapore.

Simply sign up and we’ll send you a real UK address which you can use as your shipping address when ordering online and let us pick things up from there!

Once we receive your parcel here in the UK, we can either send it to you straight away at a highly competitive shipping rate, or we can hold on to it and group it together with any other orders you might want to make and send them all at once to save you money.

We’ll group all of your items together under one tracking number to ensure that you receive them all at the same time and you’ll pay less for shipping too.

So, next time you to order items to Singapore from the UK, this simple and straightforward solution could make the whole process easier and cheaper.

30 Days Free Storage

If you’re making purchases from a couple of different retailers, don’t worry about having to place all of the orders at the same time, because we’ll happily store any items for up 30 days completely free of charge.

This means you can rest easy knowing that you’re not racking up a bill while you’re waiting for your other items to arrive here with us.

Just use the same UK address that we provide you with for all of your purchases and we’ll repackage and consolidate them all into one parcel, ready to be sent to you in Singapore.

Best Value UK to Singapore Parcel Forwarding

Here at forward2me, we pride ourselves in offering the best value parcel forwarding service through carriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT and DPD, allowing you to make great savings on the cost of international shipping by grouping all of your orders together into one package.

Sign up today for a FREE account and start shopping at your favourite UK retailers with no delays or expensive shipping costs.