UK to Japan Parcel Forwarding

UK to Japan Parcel Forwarding

If you’re based in Japan and are looking to buy and ship items from the UK, forward2me can help, with our parcel forwarding service which helps thousands of customers each year.

We’ll set you up with a genuine UK shipping address to allow you complete your order and receive your goods with minimum fuss.

Simple & Straightforward UK to Japan Parcel Forwarding

So, how does it work? Start off by signing up to forward2me and we’ll give you a real UK shipping address which you can use when placing your order online, so that you know that your goods are on their way.

Once we’ve received your order from whichever retailer you’re buying from, we can either forward them straight to you in Japan at competitive international shipping rates or hang on to it and combine multiple orders from the UK for you, which will help to keep your overall shipping costs down.

Doing this will bring all of your UK purchases together under one tracking number and ensure that you receive all of your goods at the same time.

So next time you’re struggling to make order from the UK to Japan, our easy and simple forwarding service will help ensure you get your products in a timely manner, with minimum shipping fees.

30 Days Free Storage

If you are consolidating multiple purchases from the UK, don’t worry about having to place all of those orders at the same time.

That’s because we’re happy to hold onto all of your orders for up to 30 days free of charge, so that you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t mounting up a bill while you wait for the rest of your orders to arrive.

Whether you’re buying all your products from one retailer, or are shopping at multiple stores such as Amazon, eBay, John Lewis and M&S, just use that same UK shipping address for each order and we’ll make sure to repackage them all together when we receive them.

Best Value UK to Japan Parcel Forwarding

Here at forward2me, we pride ourselves on offering the very best UK to Japan parcel forwarding service, through carriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT and DPD, allowing you to save on the costs of international shipping while we do all of the hard work for you.

Just sign up today for your FREE account to get started and start shopping at all your favourite UK retailers.