UK to Bahrain Parcel Forwarding

If you want to purchase goods from your favourite UK retailers and have them sent to Bahrain, you might find that many British retailers don’t offer shipping to Bahrain.

But don’t worry, because that’s where our UK to Bahrain parcel forwarding service can help! We’ll provide you with a genuine UK address to allow you to make your purchases with UK retailers, before forwarding your parcel on to Bahrain for you.

All you need to do to get started is to sign up for a free account and you can start shopping at all of your favourite UK stores.

Once we receive your goods, we can either forward them straight to you at highly competitive rates with the world’s top couriers or hang on to them for up to 30 days if you want to order from multiple UK retailers, and we can consolidate all of your orders into one package to help make things easier and save you money as well.

No matter where in Bahrain you need your package sending to, we can forward your package from as little as £18.85.

Bahrain plays a significant role in the global economy and has a large expat population, so there is a lot of demand for parcel forwarding between the UK and Bahrain. Get an estimate for your parcel using the quick quote calculator above.

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Save 20% With Tax Free Shipping

If you want to avoid paying the UK sales tax on parcels to Bahrain, now you can, with our new tax-free warehouse.

Based in Guernsey, our tax-free warehouse allows you to save 20% on the cost of your items to be sent to Bahrain.

How We Stack Up vs Other Parcel Forwarders





Cost of UK Address

Free £12 5 USD

Cost of German Address




Monthly Fee



10 USD

VAT Free Shopping

Yes No No

1kg to Cyprus - DHL

1-2 Bus Days

£36.19 inc VAT £42.89 £74.98

Package Handling

None None 2 USD

Delivery Options




Concierge Service

10% of value of goods with

minimum fee of £15

10% of value of goods with

minimum fee of £29


Free storage 

30 days

30 days 

30 days

Storage charges after 30 days

50p per day £1 per day 1 USD per day


£2 per package £5 per package 2 USD

*Prices quoted, correct at time of publish.

Featured Retailers

We ship goods from all the top UK brands, as well as global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Here are just some of the UK retailers where you can shop and have your purchases shipped to Bahrain

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Your forward2me address is a regular UK postal address. It is not a PO Box. 

We are now offering a personal shopper service to solve this. For instances where international payments are not accepted, forward2me will buy the goods directly and ship them to your destination address.

Please get in touch with customer services if you can't see the facility in your account details on the website. For this service, we charge £15 or 10% of the value of the goods, whichever is the greater + VAT.

We offer a combine and repack service for selected couriers from your package inbox, this helps you save on shipping costs. We charge £2 + VAT for each package received that is being combined if choosing to combine and repack.

We work with the best in the business to get your parcel forwarded to your destination address safely and quickly.

Our shipping partners include DHL, TNT, UPS, DPD and P2P. If you’re looking for a different service, please get in touch with customer services and we’ll happily look into other options for you.