Ship Alcohol from UK

Whether you’ve fallen in love with a particular brand genuine Scotch whiskey or any other British alcohol, or perhaps are a UK resident who wants to send a couple of bottles as a gift, shipping alcohol from the UK can be tricky, with various customs fees and regulations.

However, here at forward2me, we help thousands of customers who ship alcohol every year, setting up a real UK shipping address and taking care of any shipping need you may have.

If you are looking to ship Alcohol we advise you to first contact our Customer Service team for free advice on country-specific regulations and to ensure alcohol shipment is permitted by their government. 

Simple & Straightforward UK Alcohol Shipping

So how does it work? Simply sign up for an account here at forward2me and we’ll supply you with a real UK shipping address to allow you to complete your order for your alcohol.

Once you’ve completed the transaction and we’ve received the package, we can either forward it straight to you at competitive shipping rates or hold on to it and group it together with any other purchases you might be making from the UK.

By doing this we can ensure that all of your goods arrive at the same time under one tracking number and you also won’t have to pay as much for shipping.

30 Days Free Storage

If you do want to order multiple items from the UK, don’t worry about having to order them all at the same time.

That’s because we’ll hold onto any items for up to 30 days free of charge, so you can rest assured that you’re not racking up a costly bill while you wait for all of your goods to arrive.

Whether you’re just purchasing alcohol from the UK or are making purchases from sites such as Amazon and eBay or UK retailers like John Lewis and Marks & Spencer, just use the UK shipping address that we send you and we’ll package it all together for you.

Best Value Alcohol Forwarding

Here at forward2me, we pride ourselves in offering best value parcel forwarding service through UPS helping you to save on the cost of your international shipping by consolidating all your goods into one package.

Just sign up today for a FREE account and start buying your UK alcohol with your real UK shipping address.