Parcel Forwarding & Worldwide Shipping Services

Parcel Forwarding

We provide you with your own UK postal address so that you can take delivery of parcels from UK retailers that don’t ship internationally, or have expensive international shipping rates. We work with DHL, TNT and the Post Office to forward your parcels.

Personal Shopping

Some UK retailers do not accept payment via credit cards registered at an international billing address. In this case let us know and we can purchase the goods for you through our personal shopping (a.k.a. concierge) service.

Bespoke Large Item Shipping

Where items are bulky or heavy and therefore outside the standard shipping parameters forward2me will work with hauliers, couriers and freight forwarders to provide you with the most cost effective shipping method whether it’s office furniture to Malta or car wheels to Australia.

Returns Handling

We provide more than just the UK returns address required to sell using Our additional services accommodate all returns scenarios, giving you the option to have customer or FBA stock returns inspected, photographed, consolidated and shipped, or disposed of.

Dangerous Goods

Our staff are specially trained to pack and ship Dangerous Goods such as Perfumes, Batteries, Aerosols and Flammables. Available to most countries. forward2me has been accredited to ship dangerous goods since 2012 and in fact we are the only UK parcel forwarding company with the necessary accreditation.

Protect+ Guarantee

Our optional Protect+ guarantee will cover the full value of your goods in the event of loss or damage in transit. You can purchase Protect+ when you pay for shipping. Don't ship without it!

Free Consolidation

Save money by shipping multiple packages at the same time. For example, you order items from, and and we consolidate them into a single multi-piece shipment and send them to your international address. Although your packages will still arrive in their separate physical boxes this will be cheaper than sending each package in its own shipment. There is no charge for this service and since you can store packages for free for up to 30 days it costs you nothing to benefit!

Combining and Repacking

Choose our Combine and Repack service before shipping to reduce the size and number of packages in your shipment. If the overall volume of your shipment can be reduced it will often substantially reduce the cost of shipping by air. It is often possible to include many smaller items inside a larger package reducing the cost and keeping your goods in one or fewer physical packages.


Door-to-door tracking makes it easy for you to follow the progress of your shipments online.


If you reside outside the EU our shipping service is zero rated so you pay no VAT (0% UK VAT added). Our shipping fees for EU VAT registered businesses also do not include VAT (which you account for via the reverse charge mechanism).

Free Storage

We will store each package we receive for you at no cost for up to 30 days. After 30 days a fee of £0.50 per day per package received is charged until your package is shipped.

Invoice Scanning and Emailing

Where requested we provide electronic copies of invoices, delivery notes and other documentation.



Photo Documentation

We can provide photos of both packages and / or their contents on request. Our charge for this service is £2 + VAT (if applicable) per photo.