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ASDA is one of the UK’s top supermarket chains, with over 600 stores selling everything from milk to bedding, and they are well known for their own clothing line, ASDA George. You can order online from George at ASDA, provided you live in the UK.

ASDA George started in the 1990s as a range of affordable yet fashionable clothing and has gone from strength to strength in the years since. While ASDA is known for many for its groceries, George at ASDA brings in many customers from all over the UK, looking for quality clothing at low prices. Their prices are always very competitive, and they are more popular than ever around the time of major shopping events such as Black Friday and Christmas.

For many ex-pats who have moved abroad, being able to nip to ASDA George to stock up on their favourite items is something that they come to miss, but luckily this is still possible using the forward2me parcel forwarding service.


George by ASDA is your one-stop shop for affordable women’s clothing, menswear, kids clothing, baby clothes, home items and toys. At forward2me we see all sorts of wonderful ASDA George orders come through our warehouse including:

George by ASDA Women’s Clothing

You’ll find a wonderful selection of womenswear from ASDA George available to ship through forward2me. There’s a huge variety on offer, ranging from leggings & joggers through to dresses, swimwear and maternity. All of ASDA’s women’s clothing is incredibly affordable too, and there are often deals on.

George by ASDA Men’s Clothing

Their selection of menswear is similar. You’ll find an extensive range of formal shirts, loungewear, casual shirts and jackets alongside seasonal items. If you want to look sharp on your summer holidays you’ll find great swimwear and shorts and if you want to look festive there’ll be Christmas jumpers too.

George by ASDA Kids Clothing and Baby Clothes

George by ASDA have incredibly affordable clothing for kids of all ages, whether you’re after bodysuits for your baby or something a little more durable for your toddlers. You’ll find a range of baby clothes including bibs & accessories, jumpers, socks, onesies and more. If you want stylish kid’s clothing without breaking the bank, you’re looking in the right place.

George by ASDA Toys

You’ll find a wondrous array of toys on offer too, for all age groups. Their toys include big brands like LEGO, Disney and Sylvanian Families, alongside a collection of other excellent toys and accessories.

George by ASDA Homewares

ASDA George is well stocked for its homewares too. Whether you’re after home appliances, like blenders, kettles or microwaves, or soft furnishings for your bedroom or living room, they’ve got you covered. There’s an extensive collection of kitchen and dining items too.


Whilst George at ASDA is well known for its affordability, they also regularly run sales and limited-time offers. Whether it’s buy one get one free, 50% off or simply end of line sales, be sure to check them out regularly to see if you can grab something at a bargain price.

How the process works

The process of ordering from ASDA to an international address with forward2me couldn’t be more simple. From sign up to receiving your delivery there are just 5 easy steps!

Step 1 - sign up for your forward2me UK address

To get started, you'll need to sign up for our service. After following the simple steps to create your account with us, we will provide you with your new UK address.

Step 2 - place your ASDA order

Next, head to the ASDA website (or any other UK based online retailer)and place an orde using the address we’ve given you as your delivery address.

Step 3 - we receive your parcel

After we receive your delivery, we will send you an email to let you know that it has arrived at our warehouse. We may need to check the contents of your delivery to make sure it can legally be shipped to your forwarding address so please check that any items can be safely and legally imported to your country of residence before ordering.

Step 4 - we ship it to you

Once we have your parcel, you can log into your forward2me account to select your preferred courier and pay us for onward shipping. We usually ship the same day we receive payment, as long as you pay before 11 am UK time on a working day.

Step 5 - Your ASDA order arrives at your home

Exactly how long your delivery will take to reach you will depend on the courier you selected and your local customs processes, but you can usually expect to receive your parcel within 1-4 days after we send it out to you.

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How to save more…

We also offer a range of additional services that can help you to save money on your UK shopping.


If you plan on placing several orders from the UK, we can consolidate these separate orders in order to save you money on shipping.

We can store these packages for free for up to 30 days in our warehouse, and then ship them to you at one time. Your packages will still arrive in their own separate packaging, but we will be able to get you a better deal on postage for sending them out in bulk.

VAT free shipping

If you are ordering from outside of Europe, you can take advantage of our VAT free shipping service. Exports outside of the EU are usually exempt from paying the 20% Value Added Tax that is added to UK purchases, however sending them to a UK address before forwarding them to you usually means that you still have to pay this, even though the final destination is outside of the EU.

In order to avoid being liable for paying VAT, the retailer needs to prove that the goods have been exported, so we have set up a British VAT free warehouse in Guernsey, so that residents in non-EU countries can avoid this problem. Your parcel will never be dispatched to a UK address, so VAT will not be applied.


If you use our pricing estimate tool, and you can lock the price we give you for 30 days! Just enter the destination country, choose what type of item it is, and hit ‘get estimate’ to find out how much it would cost you. You can also enter the dimensions if your item is not already listed.

Does ASDA deliver to Spain?

Unfortunately, ASDA, including ASDA George, doesn’t deliver to Spain, so getting hold of some of your favourite clothing items can be tricky. This is where forward2me comes in though. With our UK shipping address, you can shop at ASDA George like you live in the UK and get items delivered to our warehouse then forwarded on to Spain. We can ship items from ASDA to anywhere across Spain, whether you’re in Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao. There are some items that cannot be shipped from ASDA to Spain, even via forward2me, including ASDA groceries. You’ll only be able to get ASDA George items delivered through us.


While it would be amazing to get an ASDA, or ASDA George, delivery to Australia, it’s sadly not something you can do directly! But this is where forward2me can help. While you can’t get items from ASDA, we can help you get clothing from George at ASDA delivered to you in Australia.

When you sign up for your free UK shipping address, you can order from ASDA George to our warehouse and we can forward your items on to Australia. This means you can order your favourite George at ASDA items and have them shipped to Australia, via our UK warehouse. We can forward your items to pretty much anywhere in Australia. There are a number of items we can’t ship, so keep that in mind when you’re ordering.

What ASDA items can’t forward2me ship worldwide?

While you’ll be able to order from ASDA George’s extensive collection of clothing, there are some things that you won’t be able to order from ASDA, even via our warehouse. Unfortunately, due to the additional checks required on ASDA grocery orders, George at ASDA is the only part of the ASDA group that we accept r to our shipping address, so you won’t be able to shop for groceries from ASDA through forward2me.

In addition to this, we have a full list of prohibited and restricted items that you should check before placing an order from ASDA George. For ASDA the main things we’re unable to ship will include groceries, fresh food, such as meat, fish and vegetables, as well as liquids, aerosols and alcohol. Please check the full list before placing an order.


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