forward2me is introducing a new service to help improve your parcel forwarding experience. It allows us to handle your incoming packages faster and more accurately, allowing you to receive your purchases even faster.

Providing a purchase invoice from the retailer only takes moments of your time but guarantees a more seamless delivery.  For power users and business users, the incoming package functionality allows more robust record keeping, helping interactions with customs and tax authorities.

incoming package contains

How to Upload Your PURCHASE Invoice

It takes only moments to provide a purchase invoice detailing your order – simply go to your package inbox, click on Incoming Package and then select the “Upload” option to start the process. 

What files can you upload?

After you have placed your order at a retailer such as Amazon or eBay, you can upload the retailer invoice or receipt in [PDF] format.  The document needs to clearly display all the information about the items purchased.  Here are some additional guidelines that can help you upload the right document. 

  • Accepted file formats: png, jpg, gif, pdf.
  • Maximum file size allowed: 20mb
  • You can upload an invoice from the retailer’s website or an order confirmation in a PDF format or a scanned copy. 
  • You can also upload a screenshot of the invoice on the retailer’s website or the confirmation email as long as it clearly states the name of each item on the invoice. 
  • Invoices must show the descriptions of the items being purchased.
  • Invoices can have a date up to two weeks prior to the shipment request. 
  • Invoices must be in the Latin alphabet. 

Reasons why your invoice may be rejected

If you’re experiencing difficulties uploading an invoice, please see a list of the most common cancellation reasons as follows:   

Missing details

The file you upload must contain the ratailer name together with a clear description of each item in the package. Please provide information about the products in text format. We won't accept images of the product without their acompanying text description. 

missing item details

Unclear or incomplete item name

The name of each item in your order must be clearly visible. This is an essential piece of information we need in order to process your shipment. Invoices containing only SKU number, price, size, or other details without a clear product name will not be accepted. 

Unrelated screenshots

If you opt to upload a screenshot, please keep in mind that it needs to be of the invoice that has been issued to you by the retailer, whether it’s a screenshot of the order on the website or of a confirmation email. All other screenshots, for example of PayPal transactions, products images, chats, photos of the family dog, etc. will not be ignored. 


Out-of-date invoices

Please upload invoices that have been issued up to two weeks prior to the shipment request. We won't process documents that have been issued more than two weeks before your shipment request as we need to make sure all details are up-to-date and relevant. 

forward2me invoices

Please do not upload invoices issued by forward2me such as Shipping Invoices. Kindly upload the invoice issued by the retailer where you are buying your goods.


Items that will not be processed by forward2me

Please make sure that you’re uploading invoices containing only products that will be delivered to your forward2me address. Invoices of items shipped to your home address or any other address may cause delays and will be ignored. 

Handwritten invoices

We can only accept typed invoices in the Latin alphabet in PDF that are clearly legible. We also accept screenshots in jpg, png and gif format but the text captured also needs to be in the Latin alphabet.