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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

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Many customers don’t realise that items such as perfumes, aerosols, nail varnishes, some cleaning fluids, batteries and inks (and more) are classed as dangerous goods. See some examples below.
Dangerous Goods Examples

To be able to ship these types of items overseas our staff have had to undergo a rigorous three day training session followed by a three hour exam. Alongside this forward2me’s premises have to be inspected and audited by our couriers to ensure that we are handling and packing dangerous goods as we should.

forward2me has been accredited to ship dangerous goods since 2012 and in fact we are the only UK parcel forwarding company with the necessary accreditation. Please check with customer services to check if we can service your country.

Couriers have to take extra precautions and inevitably incur additional costs when handling dangerous items, particularly on aircraft. Unfortunately this means they apply a surcharge over which forward2me has no control. We recommend you enquire with customer services about the likely cost before ordering any items classed as dangerous for shipping.

Flammable liquids
Perfume, alcohol over 70% proof, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Polish, Non water based paint.
Flammable gas
Spray paints, hairspray, aerosol furniture polish, aerosol deodorants.
Oven cleaners, paint removers, bleach, some sealants & fillers, hair dyes containing peroxides.
Flammable Solids
Cleaning wipes, nail varnish remover wipes.
Lithium bateries (If not in equipment.)
Dangerous Goods in Machinery
Airbags (steering wheels), life jackets and auto inflating life saving equipment.