Competition & Special Offer Rules

forward2me festive elf giveaway

Elves will be randomly put into shipments being despatched between Tuesday 3 December & Monday 23 December 2019. If an  elf is received in your shipment, congratulations! this is what you need to do...

  • Winners must post a picture of their forward2me elf on Twitter or Facebook within 7 days of receiving their FREE elf, using #forward2me and @forward2me
  • Limit of one win per customer
  • 35% discount on shipping must be used before 31 January 2020
  • Extra's such as combine & repack & photographs etc are not included in discounts unless explicitly stated
  • 35% off next shipment applies up to a full shipping value of £200


Twitter guess the delivery time competition 

  • The tweet has to be posted within 1 hour of payment of forward2me shipping invoice
  • Must guess delivery to within 1 hour of actual delivery date and time shown on courier tracking tool
  • Limit of one win per customer
  • Only applicable to following couriers: DHL, DPD, TNT & UPS
  • Winners must notify forward2me of win via twitter within 7 days
  • Must be used within 90 days
  • Up to £200 in shipping fee


Feefo video feedback offer

  • One discount per customer
  • Discount must be used within 90 days from date of issue
  • Video feedback must be left within 30 days of receiving package
  • Video must be at least 15 seconds long and show imagery/person speaking
  • The video must be fair and of value to other customers
  • 50% off next shipment up to £100


General rules

  • Extras are not included in discounts unless explicitly stated
  • Protect+ is never discounted
  • Discounts are always applied on the VAT inclusive price
  • forward2me management's decision is final in all cases
  • forward2me reserves the right to use any video or imagery entered into any forward2me competion for use on other platforms like social media, the website etc.