The Best Halloween Candy to Order from the USA

The Best Halloween Candy to Order from the USA 

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween! Spooky season is upon us and it's time to stock up on some of the most delicious and iconic Halloween candies that the United States has to offer. From classic favorites to seasonal delights, American candy is known for its vibrant flavors and creative packaging. And the best part? You don't have to travel to the USA to enjoy these sweet treasures. 

With a convenient forwarding address, you can have the best Halloween candy delivered right to your doorstep. Join us on a candy-filled journey as we explore the top Halloween treats that will make your festivities extra sweet.

Oreo Halloween House Cookie Kit

Create A Treat OREO Medium Halloween House Cookie Kit

This kit is your go-to choice for Halloween festivities and brings the beloved Oreo cookie into the spotlight. Inside, you'll discover a tasty assortment that includes pre-baked chocolate cookies, mini Oreo cookies, ready-to-use Oreo-Creme icing, an icing writer for creative decorating, and a generous supply of Halloween-themed quins and candy. The best part? No baking required! It's the perfect gift for a Halloween party or a fun craft activity to enjoy with family and friends.

Haribo Sweet or Scary Mix Treat Pack

Haribo Sweet or Scary Mix Treat Pack

This laydown bag from Haribo offers an assortment of treat-sized bags, packed with a spooky array of Ghostly Gummies and mini Sour Vampire Bats. Of course, you'll also find the classic favorite, Haribo Goldbears, included in this mix. Spookify your Halloween game and become the talk of the neighborhood with this perfect Halloween treat! 

Reese's Skeletons 

Reese's Skeletons Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Halloween Candy Bag

Prepare for a sweet Halloween night with Reese's peanut butter milk chocolate skeletons! Enjoy the classic peanut butter and milk chocolate you love in spooky scary skeleton shapes. These individually wrapped candies are perfect for costume parties, trick-or-treaters, or a Halloween movie marathon. Pair them with milk, hot cocoa, coffee, or snacks. Get creative by using them in homemade Halloween treats, as ice cream sundae toppers, or to add a spooky touch to cookies. 

Kit Kat Witch's Brew

Kit Kat® Witch's Brew Marshmallow Creme

Indulge in a classic treat with a fun twist – Kit Kat Witch's Brew snack-size candy bars. These bars feature crispy wafer layers coated in marshmallow-flavored green creme, and they're individually wrapped for convenience and freshness. Perfect for gifting, office snacks, or Halloween trick-or-treaters. You can enjoy them straight from the wrapper, chill for a cool treat, or use them as toppings for baked goods. Kit Kat Witch's Brew is sure to cast a sweet spell on your taste buds!

Twix or treat

Twix Fun Size Halloween Chocolate Candy Bars

Add a touch of Halloween fun to your costume parties and gatherings with Twix Halloween Caramel Cookie Chocolate Candy Bags. These chewy Twix bars feature the classic cookie crunch, caramel ribbon, and milk chocolate coating you adore in a fun-sized version just for Halloween! With individually-wrapped fun size bars, sharing is a breeze. Stock up on Twix Caramel Chocolate Halloween Candy for a delightful season of treats.

Hershey's COOKIES 'N' CREME Fangs

Hershey's COOKIES 'N' CREME Fangs, Halloween Candy Bars

Treat your trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests to a delightful combination of two beloved flavors in a single, delectable treat. Enjoy the crunch of chocolate cookie pieces paired with the smoothness of white creme, creating a delicious indulgence with every bite. These individually wrapped candy bars, certified kosher, put a playful twist on the classic Hershey's chocolate bar. 

M&M'S Peanut Chocolate Ghoul's Mix

M&M'S Peanut Milk Chocolate Ghoul's Mix Halloween Chocolate Candy

Get ready for Halloween night with M&M'S Ghoul's Mix Peanut Chocolate Halloween Candy! Enjoy the classic flavor of real milk chocolate and roasted peanuts, all covered in ghoulish purple, green, and orange candy shells. This fun blend of M&M'S Peanut Chocolate Candy is sure to add a festive touch to any Halloween activity. You can also elevate your fall baked goods with these delightful chocolates, making your Halloween desserts a hit at parties and gatherings. 

Snickers Ghoulish Green Candy Bars

Snickers Ghoulish Green Milk Chocolate Halloween Candy Bars

This Halloween candy pack brings you all the spooky colors without sacrificing those classic flavors. Packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate, Snickers Ghoulish Green Halloween Candy Chocolate Bars are perfect for satisfying your hunger. Whether you're filling trick-or-treat bags, decorating ghoulish baked treats, or simply rewarding yourself for putting up Halloween decorations, this bulk candy bag of fun-size milk chocolates will elevate your Halloween experience.

GHIRARDELLI Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Caramel Squares

GHIRARDELLI Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Caramel Squares

These delectable squares combine creamy milk chocolate with a luscious pumpkin spice caramel filling, delivering an indulgent taste of the season in every bite. Their autumnal foil wrappers make them an ideal addition to your Halloween candy stash, adding a pop of color to your trick-or-treat offerings. Whether you're handing them out to little goblins and ghouls or keeping them for yourself, Ghirardelli's Pumpkin Spice Caramel Squares are a sweet way to celebrate Halloween with a touch of gourmet goodness.

Brach's Harvest Style Candy Corn Halloween Treat

Brach's Harvest Style, Candy Corn Halloween Candy

Brach's Harvest Style Candy Corn Halloween Candy is an absolute must-have for Halloween enthusiasts. These iconic candy corn kernels come in vibrant autumnal colors that capture the spirit of the season. With their classic, sweet, and slightly honey-like flavor, they bring a nostalgic touch to your Halloween celebrations. Whether you're filling candy bowls, creating spooky candy displays, or using them for festive baking and crafting, Brach's Candy Corn adds a touch of tradition to your Halloween festivities. 

Shop Freakishly Delicious Halloween Candy from the USA

Halloween is all about embracing the spooky and indulging in delicious treats, and with the wide array of candies available in the USA, there's no shortage of options to choose from. From classic candy corn to creative twists on beloved favorites, the USA offers a fantastic selection of Halloween sweets that can be enjoyed by people around the world.

The great news is that you can easily access these tempting treats from the USA using a forwarding address. So, get ready to "Halloween It Like You Mean It" and satisfy your sweet tooth with the best Halloween candies, all just a forwarding address away!