New EU Warehouse Now Open. Welcome to the all New forward2me Germany!

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We’re happy and excited to unveil our new European warehouse!  Opening in April 2021 and ready to provide you with best-in-class International package forwarding services from our new wholly owned location in Brandenburg, Germany. 

We’re pleased to be able to receive packages from anywhere in the EU without any of the customs formalities, delays and costs that have plagued the UK since Brexit.  This is a huge step for forward2me getting back to business as usual in a post-Brexit world.


It's almost exactly 2 years since forward2me started offering forwarding services from mainland Europe.  Germany was the natural choice owing to being in English and the German logistics infrastructure. Since that time we have continually worked to refine our service and dispatched many thousands of successful customer shipments. 

Since we received that first EU package in 2019, we have operated through a partner from whom we learned a huge amount the hard way!  Diverse issues such as German labor laws and export regulations made it an experience!


Brexit has caused many new challenges and affected the courier industry dramatically. This all resulted in an increase in delivery times and an increase in the total cost to customers. Put that together with Covid-19 adding additional delays and removing shipping capacity used by the parcel industry, and you have a perfect storm of delays, reduced service, and increased prices.

This new location represents a large financial investment for forward2me but will hopefully be seen as a sign of our confidence in Europe and our European business going forward.


In order to improve the speed and quality of services, number of shipping options, and reduce costs, forward2me has opened its own warehouse in Germany.  Launch partners are FedEx and DPD but we will be expanding to offer more services in the coming months.  

Of course, this is just the beginning for forward2me in Europe - we will be expanding to more countries soon!

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