The World’s Most Instagrammable Sneakers

The World’s Most Instagrammable Sneakers


Instagram is now the place to show off your latest pair of sneaks, but which shoes get the most love on social media?

Here at forward2me, one of the most common purchases which our customers are using our parcel forwarding services for is sneakers. As such, this got us interested as to what the most popular are amongst the social generation.

We’ve looked at some of the most popular sneakers of recent years to see which ones have received the most mentions on Instagram.

Adidas dominate the top of the list, and while the most popular was a relatively new range, the NMD, the Adidas Superstars, first released in 1969 are still proving their status as a classic, coming in as the fourth most popular.

Check out the full list below to see where the sneakers in your collection rank!

The World's Most Instagrammable Sneakers

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