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Consolidation is calling…


Consolidation is a service we provide which our customers can’t get enough of, if you’ve never tried it here are some benefits you can take advantage of consolidating with forward2me.


Cost Effective – save on shipping fees by combining all your parcels together.

Only £6 for parcels 2-6 & £1 thereafter so the more you buy the more you save.

No waste of space - we'll ensure your parcels are packaged as efficiently.

Shoes, clothing, car parts and kitchen accessories - we can consolidate anything.

Opportunity to bulk buy the family favourites or what you use most.

Love to get all your shopping done all in one go?

Ideal for buying presents from different retailers or why not treat yourself too?

Deals – capitalise on retailers offering multi-buy or discounts.

Accessories – there's always must have accessories, we'll consolidate for you!

Talk to Tim – our consolidation expert here at forward2me.

Interact with the forward2me team for regular updates on your parcels.

One solution to all your needs whilst saving money

Now start to make the most of your forward2me account, try the consolidation service today!


The Consolidation Process:

1.Customer’s parcels arrive from many different retailers 

2.Forward2me team carefully pack them all into one box

3.Made safe and secure ready for international shipping


Examples of how customers have optimised their accounts by consolidating:

The list is endless…

These are just a few of our customer’s favourite items to consolidate! Remember, the amount our consolidation service saves you on shipping fees, you can always add another item to your shopping basket.

Consolidation adds value to your account, whatever you requirements!

If you have any queries on how you can use the service to the best for your needs do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. 


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