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The UK is world-famous for its music, and there are so many online record shops here where you can search all music styles for inspiration and add to your record collection

No matter where you are in the world, here at forward2me, we can help you purchase music from a UK online store and have it delivered directly to your door. You’ll have a UK forwarding address of your own.

Your own UK shipping address lets you shop at the best record shops in the UK, giving you more options and a greater variety of music for your collection

We have put together a list of the best UK online music stores where you can purchase vinyl and get it shipped to your home via our services

Why Are There So Many Record Stores In The UK?

Record shops have been at the forefront of British culture for decades. From the small independent shops run by passionate music fans to the affiliation many had with British music artists such as Elton John, the Beatles and David Bowie - these shops were more than just retailers.

They were a place to meet people and share the power of music and are an intrinsic part of British culture. The brick and mortar stores allowed you to experience vinyl in all its glory, from the feel of the record to the incredible artwork of the covers.

Although they had a slight decline on the high street once online shopping became more popular, brick and mortar record shops are having their day again as people turn to vintage and "old school" ways of listening to music.

There are now many more record shops popping up on the high street in the UK once again. Many of them also have an online presence, ensuring you can get the best advice from the people in the know and still experience vinyl on your record player.

Boost Your Vinyl Collecting By Shopping In The UK

If you are passionate about music and enjoy collecting vinyl records, there are so many trusted online music retailers in the UK. We make it easy for you to find the records you want from an online store in the UK and have it safely and promptly shipped out to you in no time.

It opens up the UK online stores to you, offering a huge range of records from new releases, old and preloved, rare and limited editions and genres you may have never experienced before.

Best Places To Buy New Vinyl Records Online In The UK

UK online stores for new vinyl

Rough Trade 

Rough Trade has an online space where fans of records, in particular vinyl records, can browse and find music. Rough Trade began by specialising in underground and alternative music, particularly the post-punk scene.

Their online store now stocks every music genre you can think of, from hip-hop to classical music. They have a handy browse tool that lets you select the genre of music you are looking for. They also have exclusives and pre-order options as well as a membership which gives people exclusive offers.

So, if you're wondering where to buy vinyl records online in the UK, Rough Trade is a great choice!


With more than 45,000 titles in stock, Juno proudly calls itself the world's largest dance music store. The shop itself is based in London, however, it has a comprehensive online catalogue selling vinyl records.

Specialising in dance music but also stocking plenty of other genres such as metal, indie and experimental, the website boasts 500 new releases each week. To keep the website simple, they only advertise the music they have in stock, however, they do also have a pre-order option for new releases.


Starting life as a well-loved high street chain of music shops, HMV is the self-proclaimed home of entertainment. They have a huge catalogue of records and artists and an extensive collection of vinyl records.

With pre-orders available for new releases, 'staff picks' recommended by the music-loving workforce, and the option to search by genre or artist, HMV has everything you need to add to your collection of vinyl records.

It is one of the most trusted stores for the volume of choice and a great place to buy records online. As one of the biggest names in music in the country, it's perhaps the best place to buy vinyl records in the UK.

Norman Records

Norman Records has a huge catalogue of cheap vinyl records covering all music styles. The search function includes the opportunity to search for your new vinyl records by artist, genre, or label.

They boast thousands of records, including new releases, pre-order specials, bestsellers, and re-issue vinyl. With an easy search tool and features such as their daily vinyl update and handpicked releases, you are sure to find something new for your record collection.

Best Places To Buy Second-Hand Vinyl Records In The UK

UK online stores for second-hand vinyl

Vinyl Tap 

Vinyl Tap buys and sells pre-loved vinyl records, with a special grading system that explains exactly what condition each record is in. VG means very good condition, and EX means excellent condition.

There are two grades, one for the sleeve the vinyl comes in, and the other for the record itself. If there is only one grade, it means that the record does not come in a sleeve. They stock every genre of music you can think of, from rock to jazz, and even boast a collection of special collectable coloured vinyl.


Flashback buys and sells second-hand vinyl records in the UK. With popular genres catered for, including rock and pop to reggae and classical music, there is a wide range of preloved vinyl records

With a handy category tree feature, meaning you can browse by genre, you will find something for your vinyl collection. They use a grading system of letters to describe the condition of the used records, so you know what you are getting


This website is run by a group of independent record dealers who are very enthusiastic about all things vinyl. They buy and sell used vinyl and have a catalogue of thousands of records across all genres, from country to jazz, reggae to rock

They even have rare finds and collectables. You can search for singles and albums based on genre or artist, or you can click on a particular seller to see what they have in stock.

There are seven sellers all working together to bring you one of the best places online to find preloved vinyl. Vinylnet offers a great discount, for example, if you spend £50 you get 5% off

Vinyl Exchange 

Vinyl Exchange is the largest seller and buyer of used vinyl in the North West of England. They have thousands of records across all genres and pride themselves in having specialist team members who can help you find anything your want for your vinyl collection

They also sell on Amazon Marketplace and have auctions on eBay regularly too. They will offer you a fair price for your old vinyl or CDs and sell used and vintage records at competitive prices

Best Places To Buy Limited Edition Vinyl Records In The UK

UK online stores for limited edition vinyl records

World of Echo stocks hundreds of vinyl in their record store. You can find new music or used records from all styles of music, including rock, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. They even stock soundtracks to your favourite films!

They boast a collection of limited edition vinyl records in the UK store, and you can find these by searching for artists or a specific album. They have such a huge selection of music for all tastes - it's a great online experience and perfect for music lovers!

Mr Bongo 

Mr Bongo started life on the high street back in the late 1980s and was the first place to sell vinyl releases from independent hip-hop labels outside of the US. They are also known for specialising in classic Brazilian and Latin music.

They stock a huge range of music styles, including eclectic and rare finds and even out of print records. They also have a range of collections like Mr Bongo's reissues, Mr Bongo's new releases, compilations and 'Deadstock'.

They sell a range of music memorabilia and have an annual record store day promoting limited edition records and new releases. It is the perfect store to expand your musical tastes and add to your collection.

Wax and Stamp

Wax and Stamp is a community of passionate vinyl collectors who have created a website that will change the way you experience vinyl. They reminisce about the days when you could go into a physical record store, when you could enjoy the tactile experience of browsing through artists and albums, never really knowing what you might find.

They set up a subscription service where one of their music lovers will send you two records every month for the year. The treat is that you have no idea what the records will be. This allows you to expand your musical tastes and open up a new world of music direct to your door.

They are passionate about introducing people to new sounds and limited edition or rare vinyl records in the UK. It is a great website and simple to subscribe to, and the best bet if you are looking to discover artists and albums you have never heard of before.

Idle Moments 

Idle Moments have a wide range of albums and records by such varied artists, they're sure to have something to add to your collection. You can purchase mint condition and limited edition vinyl records and can search based on artists, album name or label.

You can expand your world of music by subscribing to the Idle Moments vinyl club. Their team select some of the best exclusive vinyl and delivers them directly to your door. This vinyl club is great to add to your record collecting and one of the best places to buy vinyl monthly. You can subscribe for 6 or 12 months.

Why Buy Vinyl Online?

If you're looking for the best place to buy vinyl records online, UK websites are a great choice. The range of genres and styles of music is vast, and you get so much more selection than you used to in the physical stores. There are many trusted websites offering everything you could think of regarding music

New, old, used, preloved, restored, limited edition, rare, and even out of print vinyl, you will find it all online. The passionate people behind each of these online shops make the process of searching for and finding records easy.

The online sites have options for searching by genre, title, band or label, and you can trade in your old records and find new sounds.

Will Vinyl Records Survive Long Shipping Journeys?

Vinyl records will survive long shipping journeys if they are packaged correctly and handled carefully. The records should be placed in protective sleeves, and package stiffeners should be used to prevent them from bending. Bubble wrap is also a great way to protect your records.

At forward2Me, when we receive your package from the retailer, we may elect to check the contents not only to make sure it is legal to ship but also that it is packaged correctly and is safe to ship to you.

Buy Vinyl Records Online In The UK And Ship Internationally With Us

If you want to purchase records online, why not check out some of the amazing UK online stores? You are guaranteed to find those records you have been searching for and maybe even stumble upon something new!

With subscriptions also available promising new music to your door every month, you can continue to build your record collection without ever having to leave your home.

Our services mean you can access many vinyl record wholesale suppliers in the UK and get the records delivered directly to your home, making shopping even easier and opening new doors for you.

Signing up with us means we will give you a UK forwarding address. We will check your parcel before shipping it to you. Not sure how it works, we can help. Happy searching!

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