Back to School Deals 2023 to Shop from the UK

10 Back to School 2023 Deals to Shop from the UK 

As summer days gradually wane and the scent of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air, it can only mean one thing: back to school season is upon us. Whether you're a student gearing up for another academic adventure or a parent preparing to send your young learners off to new horizons, navigating back to school shopping is an annual rite of passage. 

Fortunately, the leading UK retailers have already done their homework and are ready to offer deals to help you check everyhting off your shopping list without breaking the bank. In this article, we're listing the best back to school deals on clothing, stationery, tech, and more. From Disney backpacks to the latest Samsung gadgets, all you need is a free forward2me address to shop quality school essentials at great prices.  

3 for 2 at Marks & Spencer 

3 for 2 on Kids Clothing at Marks & Spencer

With Marks & Spencer’s 3 for 2 on kids clothes offer, you can replenish your students’ wardrobe with school essentials and comfy clothes for extracurricular and sports activities while making great savings. From staples like t-shirts and leggings to dresses and vests, the range of products covers a variety of styles for kids aged 0 - 16, giving you plenty of options to mix and match for any occasion. 

3 for 2 At kidly 

3 for 2 at Kidly

Kidly is another UK retailer offering 3 for 2 deals on clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies. With practical long-sleeve tees to cute rain boots, your little ones will stay snug and warm on rainy school mornings, while the selection of trendy backpacks will help them fit all their books and stationery. The offer also includes lunch boxes and bottles in adorable prints to keep the energy levels up as well as activity books and kits to keep boredom at bay. 

Ryman’s Back to School Deals 

Ryman’s Back to School Deals

Ryman’s back to school deals cover everything students and teachers need for the new year ahead. From cute backpacks for the little ones to classroom staples like notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpies, and more, you're fully equipped for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. Thanks to the discounts, you can stock up on quality supplies at great prices to carry out any creative project to a successful end. 

Back to School with Argos 

Back to School with Argos

Argos’ back to school selection is your one-stop shop for everything a student needs. From school uniforms to shoes and school bags to stationery and lunch boxes - you can get ready for the new academic year in just one shopping session. Make sure you also check out the selection of scooters and bikes at ⅓ discounts and the up to 25% discount on kids’ smartwatches. 

10% Off HP Laptops 

10% Off HP Laptops

HP has an enticing back-to-school offer for students, teachers, or avid academics: a nice 10% discount on selected laptops. From research to assignments, presentations to projects, with the right equipment, you’re able to achieve your best. You can select your laptop’s features by customizing resolutions, memory, and touch screen options to upgrade your back-to-school arsenal with just the right asset.

Discounts at John Lewis 

Discounts on Uniforms and Clothing at John Lewis

Prepare your young scholars for the upcoming school year with John Lewis' deals. Enjoy a 25% discount on school uniforms and 50% off selected clothing, ensuring your children step into the classroom with style and confidence. And if you’d like to start the school year with a new gadget, make sure to check out their Apple selection with up to £50 off. 

Half Price at WHSmith 

Half price back to school deals at WHSmith

WHSmith are offering fantastic discounts and deals on hundreds of products that every young scholar needs to express their creativity and individuality. From half price on school essentials to value packs and 3 for 2 deals on school supplies - there are great savings to be made while prepping for the new school year. There are also impressive discounts on children’s books and games to keep kids occupied and entertained after school. 

Disney Back to School Collection 

Disney Back to School Collection

Disney’s Back to School collection has everything you need for the new school year, including bags and kits with Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars themes. Choose from different characters such as Disney princesses, R2-D2, Buzz Lightyear, Grogu, Black Panther, and Encanto. Whoever your kid’s favorite character is, you can find plenty of adorable options from complete sets to individual items that will make them the envy of the school yard. 

Discounts on MacBook at AO 

Discounts on MacBook and MacBook Pro at AO

If you'd like to upgrade your academic experience with a new powerful laptop, AO could have just the thing for you. Although not labeled a back-to-school deal, their current promotion on MacBook and MacBook Pro can help you save up to £629 with additional discounts on software. A deal you wouldn't want to miss even if your school days are behind you. 

Savings on Samsung Tech 

Savings on Samsung Tech

Whether you're a student, graduate, teacher, or parent, Samsung is rolling out deals for everyone. Score big discounts on a wide range of tech essentials including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches. Upgrade your academic gear or enhance your teaching experience with Samsung's cutting-edge devices at great prices. 

Shop Back to School Deals from the UK with forward2me 

As every year, UK retailers have plenty of deals to offer during the back to school season not just for students but parents, teachers, and practically everyone else who wouldn't want to miss a good deal on everything from post-it notes to laptops. 

With the convenience of a free parcel forwarding address, you have the opportunity to access the best back-to-school offers from the UK, no matter where you reside. From tech essentials to trendy fashion, and everything in between, these handpicked deals are tailored to meet your academic and lifestyle needs. Don't let geographical boundaries hinder your shopping spree; shop smart and save big with the best parcel forwarding rates guaranteed.