About forward2me

forward2me is Europe's premier parcel forwarding company that has become a leading platform for global shopping. The company was founded in 2010 after concluding that UK expats and foreign nationals wanting to shop in the UK were getting a raw deal. (See how the European Commission agrees with us.) Too often retailers in other countries don't carry the variety found in UK stores or aren't as price competitive as in the UK. To compound matters, many UK retailers either don't ship abroad, don't accept foreign credit cards or simply charge over the top postage rates. 

A decade later forward2me operates from 5 different key shopping locations, that include warehouses in UK, USA, Germany, Japan and Guernsey (UK Tax-Free). We have relationships with all the major couriers including DHL, DPD, FedEx,  UPS, Japan Post and USPS. Scheduled daily collections allow us to provide the best possible turnaround times. Because of the huge volume of parcels we ship we are able to negotiate extremely competitive prices from our suppliers and we take pleasure in passing that on to our customers. We challenge you to take a look at over the counter parcel delivery rates and compare them to our all-in forwarding service.

Our mission is to remove the artificial barriers that are stopping potential customers buying goods internationally. If you live in the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Cyprus or anywhere else in the world it is just as quick to access a German online store as it is to access a local store online. If a US or Japanese store has more variety or better prices then we believe you should have the option to shop there if you choose.

During our first month of operation we had over 1,000 customers from 47 countries sign-up for the service. Now that number is drastically increased, while we managed to maintain outstanding quality of our services. We have shipped everything from Amazon Kindles and Gucci shoes to bikes and car parts. We are determined to deliver the best possible service for our customers. The invaluable feedback we receive from our customers is driving how we evolve the business and improve our service every day. If you have any comments or suggestions for us please let us know by contacting us here.