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8 Most Popular Everyday Items Purchased from Amazon UK


Online shopping has quite literally put the world at our fingertips. We’re able to buy pretty much anything that we want and need at the click of a button, making our lives much simpler.

But what are we ordering the most? What everyday items are we now relying on the likes of Amazon for? Looking through your orders through the Forward2Me website, we’ve found out what the most popular everyday items are being ordered through Amazon UK.

iPad Covers 

If you’ve got an iPad, you (or someone who gifted it to you) has probably paid out quite a bit of money for it. Due to the mobile nature of the tech, most people will look to protect their tablet using a cover.

The iPad isn’t declining in popularity, and with new versions being released on a regular basis (and for a higher price each time), we see quite a lot of orders coming through our site looking for iPad cases.

There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your personal preferences, such as colour, design and what functionality you want from the case. Do you want the case to have a screen flap? Do you want it to be able to stand up on its own? Whatever you need your case to do, there’s one for you!


Video Games

The video games industry is still one of the biggest in the world, with new titles for various platforms coming out almost every day. 

It will come to no surprise to avid gamers that we see plenty of orders come through our site for the hottest new gaming titles. Currently, we’re seeing a lot of people ordering Legend of Zelda: LInk’s Awakening, which is one of the most popular new releases of 2019. 

One of the reasons for its popularity is that is is a remaster of a classic Nintendo title which was released originally for the Game Boy back in 1993. People are now able to purchase the new, upgraded version to play on their Nintendo Switch consoles; the nostalgia aspect is making it one of the best selling games this year.

People are able to browse and find similar games to their favourite titles while shopping on the net, making it easier to purchase the perfect games for yourselves or family members and friends.



Earphones are the must-have gadget if you have a mobile phone in 2019. With streaming services available at your fingertips, the ability to take calls hands-free and more, there are more reasons to invest in a good pair of earphones to make full use of your phone while on the move.

There are wireless versions now, too as well as the classic wired versions to compensate for the new technologies which don’t include headphone jacks. You can also choose from different styles to suit your preferences; so if you don’t like the inner ear listening experience, you can still purchase earphones which sit comfortably over your ears instead.


Personal Care Items

We’re a very proud species when it comes to looking our best, so we’re not surprised that many of our shoppers turn to Amazon UK to invest in their personal care items.

Whether you’re looking for a new toothbrush, the best hair removal products or full grooming sets, there are options to suit your every need. 

It’s never been easier to find the perfect product; when your personal care is at stake, you’ll want to buy the very best. That’s where the user reviews come in - unlike offline shopping, it can be very difficult to get people’s opinions. On Amazo UK and other online shopping sites, people often enjoy leaving reviews for other users to read.


Reusable Items 

Everyone is looking to do their bit for the environment and, for many people, that means finding suitable, eco-friendly replacements for their everyday items.

More and more people are shopping online to find alternatives to plastic bottles, straws, bags and more.

We’ve seen a massive increase in orders of items such as reusable straws, reusable steel water bottles (which also have the benefit of keeping your drinks cool), durable shopping bags and other eco-alternatives as time goes on - especially with the huge focus on climate change and plastic pollution over the last few years.


Recipe Books 

You can never have too many recipes, and it seems as though our customers agree. More and more people are being encouraged to prepare their own food and so it seems people are - and quite a lot of people at that!

Recipe books such as Jamie Oliver’s newest vegetarian recipe book are very popular at the moment, especially with more and more people changing their diets to a more sustainable, planet-friendly one such as vegetarian and vegan.


Smart Home Items

We’re in the age of the smart home - pretty much everything in our homes can be controlled or automated by our mobile devices. According to our order records, it seems that more and more homes are becoming smart, with smart devices becoming increasingly more popular with our customers.

They don’t have to be super-expensive devices, either; the Amazon Echo range is one of the most popular smart device ranges with our customers, and they are aimed at those looking to create a functioning smart home but on a budget.

With the option of having devices in every room, all synced to one another, we’re seeing more smart products being bought - will our homes soon be fully smart?

Electrical goods from the UK or EU, such as a earphones or smart home items require a differnet plug socket. Take a look over our online manual on how to convert your UK or EU plug to a US plug.


Kids Toys

It’s getting harder and harder to know what to buy children as time goes on. With the massive popularity of electronic devices, you might be forgiven for thinking that traditional children’s toys are losing out online to the likes if iPads and XBoxes.

However, looking at our order records, it shows that old classic children’s toys such as Lego have stayed consistent as popular choices for online shoppers, much as they were with shoppers offline.

Children still have the want to play with traditional toys, and it is encouraging to see brands such as Lego continuing to entertain children (and adults!) for this length of time.


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If you’re looking for a reliable UK parcel forwarding service which ensures that your online purchases from the UK get to you safely, wherever you are, please feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have on how our service works, pricing and more.


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