Shipping Vehicle Parts from outside the UK


We see all kinds of products pass through our distribution centre here at forward2me, from tech to trainers and fashion to furniture, but one of the things we see is all kinds of vehicle parts. Cars tend to get a lot of attention, but the UK is a great hub for all vehicle work, from major car and motorbike brands to large parts for commercial vehicles such as tractors and lorries. 

With parts no longer produced or just hard to find across the rest of the world, the market of online parts websites has grown over recent years. Often, the best deal might not be through a local garage or manufacturer. If you know exactly what you need, buying your vehicle parts from the UK, may be the best option for you.

Why Ship Vehicle Parts?

Whether you’ve moved away from the UK and need a part from back home, or require a specialised part that might only be available in the UK, we can transport all kinds of vehicle parts all around the world.

The majority of parts that we ship are for expats who are restoring vintage cars, where the parts often simply aren’t made anymore, or for those who have taken a vehicle overseas and require parts that are only made in the UK.

However, this is by no means the only type of part that people use our service for. For example, parts for caravans and mobile homes can often be quite hard to come by, so you may need them shipping over from the UK.

This is also the case for larger commercial vehicles such as tractors and lorries, where the parts are only sold by very specialist retailers, making them much harder to find overseas.

No matter what your reasoning for purchasing vehicle parts online, it may simply be that you can get what you need a lot cheaper from the UK, with a great range of aftermarket and OEM parts available online at discount prices.


Recommended Vehicle Part Retailers 

While we ship vehicle parts from all manner of retailers to our customers around the world (many come from marketplaces such as eBay), there are a couple of online parts retailers that we have close relationships with.


Caravan/Motor Home Parts

The perfect solution if you need to repair your caravan without a long wait for parts is to order from the UK. Often parts for specific models will be hard to come by with mechanical elements just the start.
The range over at Caravan Parts UK is monumental with a large selection of brands and parts for all purposes. Caravan Breakers also have a selection of equally broad new and used parts, ideal for most motorhomes.


Classic Car Parts are a supplier of classic car parts, with a lot of stock on hand for primarily for Fords, but also for many other vehicle brands too such as BMW and Nissan.

Many of the parts that they offer are now no longer produced even here in the UK, so they’re a good place to check for those parts which you’re really struggling to find.


Lorries & Large Commercial Vehicle Parts

For a larger vehicle that often needs to rack up the miles, the need for a part replacement can be even more urgent than most. It doesn’t help that choice can be limited and prices, highly variable depending on brand and scarcity of parts. Both AutoDoc and HGVDirect are here to meet your online lorry part needs, with everything you could possibly need, all on one site.

If the agricultural world is the area you work in, there’s definitely a massive market for tractor and farm machinery parts. Typically these sites don’t offer international shipping as standard, but that’s where our parcel forwarding service comes into play.


Vapormatic, find the products you want to purchase and contact our team to confirm they can be safely shipped to you.

What's more, is that our forwarding service features multiple couriers, offering reasonably priced delivery in a matter of days, ensuring both speed and savings.


Motorbike Parts

As for motorbike parts, we receive lots of orders through Hi Level, who have been supplying the widest range of both OEM and aftermarket parts for over 30 years, with over 25,000 parts in stock for over 20,000 different models.

Other retailers that we see being shipped the most include Easy Car Parts, Motorcycle Products Ltd, Fowlers Parts.

How Does Parcel Forwarding Work?

So, if you do need any type of vehicle part shipping from the UK, but don’t have a UK address, what can you do?

Our parcel forwarding service means that you can complete your order using a genuine UK address, which we’ll then receive at our warehouse.

Once your parts are here with us we’ll send them to you within as little as two days (to over 200 countries around the world) at very competitive shipping rates with couriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT and DPD.

You can click here to try and get an estimate for exactly how much it might cost to ship your parts to your country.

The actual time it’ll take for your parts to arrive will, of course, depend upon the actual contents of the package itself, as well as the courier being used but you can usually expect it between one and four days after it leaves out depot.


We see vehicle parts come through the depot every day, from everything as small as accessories and filters, up to whole bumpers and bonnets, so don’t worry about ordering anything that you think we might be unable to handle, chances are that we’ve seen it all before!

To get started, just click here to create your free account and receive your genuine UK shipping address.