September 2019 UK Tech Release Roundup - iPhone 11, Galaxy Fold & More


In the build up to Christmas, all the biggest players in the Tech industry are releasing their newest innovations. Although there doesn't seem to be any majorly revolutionary announcements in the works, the newest announced technology and gadgets have far surpassed what we have available at the moment.

As we move into a wireless age, it seems Apple are seeking to make charger cables more optional than compulsory. Wireless charging between the newest iPhone, Airpods and the Apple Watch could mean that keeping your devices charged becomes a lot more simple.


Tim Cook - Apple Keynote September 2015
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iPhone 11/XI 

Reveal date: 10th September
Instores: 20th September

Key Features:

  • Triple Camera design
  • Camera quality increase - from 7MP to 12MP
  • Battery 20% larger with no case size changes
  • Two-way wireless charging rumoured but not included

Facing strict competition in the race for 5G, it’s now confirmed that the iPhone won’t see 5G technology until 2020; albeit the network isn’t currently widely supported.

The newest smartphone release from Apple, has been confirmed as the iPhone 11. As with previous entries, a number of variations are expected at differing price points, with the Pro, Max and R being the three variations hitting different parts of the market. 

It definitely seems that Apple is focussing heavily on photography to reverse the recent decline seen in iPhone sales. Apple also announced a new gaming subscription service for Apple devices, known as Apple Arcade. 
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Apple Watch 5 

Reveal date: 10th September
Instores: 20th September

Key features:

  • Options for ceramic or titanium case
  • Always on display when worn
  • New built in compass plus full app store
  • ECG heart monitor support confirmed

As suggested in the industry rumours, the new iPhone and Apple Watch were launched together on the 10th September. 

The previous Apple Watch 4, holds the crown of best-selling smartwatch, meaning a new edition is sure to be popular upon release into stores. The traditional focus on fitness and connectivity has been bolstered by a built in app store and compass function. Comments from Apple analysts suggested a brand new charging function, however this hasn’t been included.

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Huawei Store Front

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Huawei Mate 30

Reveal date: 19th September

  • Triple Camera design
  • Potential battery increase with wireless fast-charging

As well as being a highly anticipated tech release, the new Huawei release will be the first without the familiar Android operating system. Earlier this year, Huawei announced that the newest edition of the Mate series, will be launched during an event on the 19th September.  Sparse details from China have suggested an adapted manufacturing process, will results in faster processing power, longer battery life and a triple camera design.

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Sonos Move

Confirmed Release: 24th September

  • Sonos’ first wireless portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Apple Airplay 2 compatible
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Integrated Alexa & Google Assistant

As the first portable Bluetooth speaker offered by the brand, it showcases massive durability and promises an impressive amount of battery life given the size. The Move also comes with built in Alexa and Google assistant support, adding a raft of smart functionalities.

To partner the Move, Sonos has also announced another speaker, the Sonos One SL. Arriving in stores September 12th, the One SL is more of an essential speaker, with fewer features and a lower price tag.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 

Confirmed Release: 18th September

  • Improvements made to hinge
  • Smaller fold gap
  • Improved screen edge

After the initial, flawed, release to reporters in April, the first folding smartphone has seen multiple upgrades to improve reliability and durability. As well as a totally new design, the Galaxy fold, boasts a dual battery design, a huge 512GB storage capacity and a triple camera, to keep in close competition with the new iPhone.

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Google Pixel 4

Rumoured Release: 4th October

  • 5.7” Display
  • Possible 6GB of RAM
  • 12MP & 16MP Dual rear camera

The flagship smartphone from Google has settled into a yearly release to often act as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Samsung/Apple fight that has defined the smartphone market. The Pixel 4 looks to be a real step up from the Pixel 3 with upgraded battery and graphics capabilities, plus a brand new design.

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