Insurance Schedule

Insurance Schedule


Type: Marine Cargo Insurance.

Form: MCAB0816

Insured: Forward2Me Ltd t/a Forward2Me.Com as Agents for whom they receive instructions to insure

Contract Number: 10191759

Subject Matter Insured:

Approved General Merchandise: goods which are not particularly susceptible to breakage, theft, leakage or water damage.

The following are NOT regarded as Approved General Merchandise and must be referred to Insurers for applicable Terms and Conditions prior to inception of cover/insurable interest:

  • Antiques, Artwork and Jewellery

  • Arms, Ammunition, Military Equipment and any similar goods which should properly be subject to the Export Control Order 2008.

  • Bulk Bagged Goods such as Aggregates, Grains or Similar

  • Bonds, Deeds, Manuscripts, Securities and Plans

  • Bulk and Break Bulk Cargoes

  • Bullion

  • Cash and Credit Cards

  • Cement

  • Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco and Tobacco Products

  • Computer Chips, CPUs and Circuit Boards

  • Furs, Skins and Hides

  • Hazardous, Restricted or Controlled Goods

  • Household Removals

  • Livestock, Plants and Animals

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Perishable Foodstuffs and other temperature sensitive commodities

  • Precious Metals and Stones

  • Scrap Metals

  • Stamps and Treasury Notes

  • Unprotected or Unpacked Goods


Packing: To be suitably packed or protected for transit.

Per: Approved Powered Vessel (as per Institute Classification Clause) and/or Airfreight and/or Rail and/or Road Vehicles (excluding vehicles owned or operated by the Insured unless a limit has been entered below).


Limit any one customer consignment GBP 5,000

Limit any one Vessel, Aircraft or Conveyance GBP 50,000

Limit any one Location in the ordinary course of transit GBP 50,000

Limit any one Vehicle Owned or Operated by the Insured NIL

Limit any one Postal Sending GBP 5,000

Limit any one Exhibition NIL

Limit any one Storage Location NIL

Voyage: From the time goods are received at the Insured’s UK address until delivery to the final oversees destination or cover terminates under the Transit Clause of the Institute Cargo Clauses contained herein.

The following territories are excluded unless specially declared and accepted by Insurers in writing prior to shipment:

Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe and any other country where their local legislation decrees insurance must be effected locally.

Basis of Valuation: Purchase Value of Goods plus freight.

Period of Insurance:

FROM 01/02/2018 00:00 *

* local standard time at place of issue FOR 12 CALENDAR MONTHS and for such further periods as may be mutually agreed in writing by Insurers and Assured.

Insurance Premium Tax: As applicable.

Conditions: Marine Cargo Conditions for, as attached.

Special Conditions/Exclusions: Excluding Electrical and/or Electronic and/or Mechanical Derangement.

Reconditioned or Second-hand Goods


Excluding Electrical and/or Electronic and/or Mechanical Derangement.

Reconditioned or Second-hand Goods: Excluding Rust, Oxidisation, Discolouration, Scratching, Bruising, Chipping, Denting, Marring and Cost of Repainting.

Notice of Cancellation: Subject to 30 days Notice of Cancellation by either side in respect of Marine Risks and seven days notice in respect of War and Strikes Risks except for voyages to or from United States of America where 48 hours notice shall apply in respect of Strikes Risks. Such cancellations, however, shall not apply to any transit risk or risks which shall have attached at the time such cancellation becomes effective.

Claims: In the event of loss or damage which may involve a claim under this Contract please refer to the Claims Procedures contained in the Marine Cargo Policy Summary