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forward2me - UK Mailing Address and Parcel Forwarding Service

1. How much does it cost to sign up with forward2me?
It is free to sign up for your own unique forward2me UK postal address. Unlike many other parcel forwarding companies, we don’t charge any monthly or annual fees.

2. How can I pay?
We accept payment with PayPal, credit or debit card (Sage Pay), bitcoin (BitPay) and bank transfer.

3. What will my UK address look like?
All forward2me addresses take the form of:
Building name/number: 1234 York House
Street/Line 1: Green Lane West
City/Line 2: Preston
County: Lancashire
Postcode: PR3 1PR
Country: United Kingdom
If you require a telephone number for the retailer, you’re welcome to use the forward2me depot telephone number: +44 1995 606070.

4. When is forward2me open and accepting deliveries?
We are open and accepting deliveries from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 12pm on Saturdays (UK time). We are closed for deliveries on UK public holidays since retailers do not deliver then.

5. Amazon offers me a different address to my forward2me address, which one should I use?
When you first use your forward2me address on they will offer you a 'suggested' address based on our postcode. Please select the address you entered and not their suggested address. See the shopping tips videos when loggged into your account or this document for a short summary of how to enter your address with Amazon.

6. Is my forward2me address a legitimate UK address?
Absolutely. your forward2me address is a regular UK postal address. It is not a PO Box.

7. Are there any restrictions on who can deliver to my forward2me address?
There are no restrictions on who can deliver to your forward2me UK postal address as long as they are within the EU – we will only accept delivery of goods from other EU countries. If you do experience any problems with using your UK address, please contact our customer services team.

8. When I try to order from Tesco they only offer 6 Green Lane West as the delivery address, can I use this?
Please don't use this address. If you do your parcel will not be delivered to us. Tesco make you pick an address before you can edit it. If you can see in the list pick this, if not pick another address on the Leachfield Industrial Estate. Then edit the address so that it matches your York House address.

9. How do I order from UK companies who do not accept payment from international customers?
We are now offering a personal shopper service to solve this. For instances where international payments are not accepted, forward2me will buy the goods directly and ship them to your destination address. Please get in touch with customer services if you can't see the facility in your account details on the website. For this service, we charge £15 or 10% of the value of the goods, whichever is the greater + VAT.

10. Where can I see what can and cannot be forwarded to my destination address?
Please see our Terms of Trade for a list of prohibited/restricted items. If you’re still not sure, contact our customer services team.

11. Can forward2me ship perfumes, aftershaves, aerosols and batteries that are classed as dangerous goods?
We are in a position to ship these items legally, having passed a strict auditing procedure and carried out intensive staff training. Different requirements are in place for different countries so please get in touch to ask about your items.

12. If I order several items, will they be shipped separately or packaged together?
We offer a combine and repack service for selected couriers from your package inbox, this helps you save on shipping costs. We charge £2 + VAT for each package received that is being combined if choosing to combine and repack.

13. What is volumetric weight and how will it affect me?
The cost of shipping is generally calculated by the amount of space that your shipment occupies, rather than the actual weight. This is called the volumetric weight. All couriers (examples: DHL and TNT) use the volumetric weight to calculate their shipping prices. However, if the actual weight is more than this volumetric weight then the shipping price is calculated using this actual weight. For example, the price for shipping a box containing an empty suitcase would be calculated using the volumetric weight but the price for a box containing 6 large books would be calculated using the actual weight. Please contact customer services if you need any more assistance.

14. Do shipping rates include duty charges and taxes?
Shipping rates do not include any duty charges or taxes. These will be levied by the destination country according to local laws and paying such charges is your responsibility.

15. Who do forward2me work with to ship my parcels?
We work with the best in the business to get your parcel forwarded to your destination address safely and quickly. Our shipping partners include DHL, TNT, UPS, DPD and DSV. If you’re looking for a different service, please get in touch with customer services and we’ll happily look into other options for you.

16. I live in a very remote area, will it affect my delivery charges?
For certain very remote destinations there is an additional Remote Area Service charge that varies depending on the courier you select. For example DHL charge £10.00 + VAT per shipment. With forward2me’s network and infrastructure, it is good to know that less than 2% of our shipments are currently delivered to locations that incur the Remote Area Charge. If you believe that you live in a remote area and wish to be advised, please please contact our customer services team and we will check your address details.

17. Do you charge for storage?
Customers receive 30 days of free storage for each package received. After 30 days storage is charged at £0.50 per package received per day.

18. Are my goods insured?
If you'd like to insure your goods during transit it is available for most courier services and can be selected from the Package Inbox after selecting your courier of choice. Full cover insurance is charged at £20 for the first £1,000 or 2.5% of the value of the goods, whichever is greater.

19. Can I devalue my goods for customs purposes?
Absolutely not. The customs procedures are there for us to follow.

20. Will forward2me deliver to a PO Box?
Our couriers are able to ship to PO Boxes, however a street name may be required. If you have a PO Box address and have any queries, please contact our customer services team.

21. Can I use my forward2me address to apply for financial products?
Under no circumstances should your forward2me address be used to apply for financial products such as insurance, loans or credit cards. If we suspect the service is being used for fraudulent purposes we will inform the police or other relevant authorities.

22. Can I use my address to forward mail?
We specialise in parcel forwarding and don't forward mail.

23. Can I use my forward2me address to apply for a passport or driving license?
Under no circumstances should your forward2me address be used to register for official documents such as passports and driving licenses. If we suspect the service is being used for fraudulent purposes we will inform the police or other relevant authorities.

24.Can I register my company at my York House address?
Under no circumstances should your forward2me address be used to register your company at Companies House or with HM Revenue and Customs.

25. Can I register with forward2me using a forwarding address?
We only allow customers to register with us using a residential or business address in their name. This doesn't include forwarding companies with suite no's/box no's etc.

26. Can I ship prescription drugs using forward2me?
We do not ship drugs, including all over-the-counter, prescription and legal drugs as well as illegal drugs or narcotics.

27. Can I use more than one name on my account?
We only allow one name on your account, the one that you used when you registered. If packages arrive with any other name, other than your registered name, we won't be able to ship the package. If your friends and family want us to forward packages for them please ask them to register with us using their own name and address.