eBay Collection, Repacking & Forwarding Services

eBay Collection, Repacking & Forwarding Services

Calling all eBay users - access thousands more products using forward2me!

Our service connects you to the UK and European eBay markets with 14,000 categories of items allowing you to access any products from sellers who do not wish to forward parcels internationally or offer UK collection only.

How often do you see something on ebay that you really want and then find the seller will only ship within the UK? This is where forward2me can help: Give the seller your UK address, provided by us, and we’ll forward your items on to you wherever you live. Easy!

And if you shop regularly in the UK or Europe, why not ask us to consolidate your purchases from eBay and elsewhere into one parcel to significantly reduce your shipping costs?

Collection Service

We can even arrange to pick up eBay items for you when the seller offers collection only. You check with the seller they will accept a courier pick up. If they will, simply give us the contact details of the seller and we will contact them for you to agree a date and time for our courier to collect your item and deliver it to us at York House for forwarding to you. Please contact customer services if you want to arrange an eBay collection.


We take the time to repack and customise packaging for your items to make sure they will be safe in transit and to reduce volume where possible to cut the cost of international shopping. Favourite products seem to be car bumpers, bonnets and boots for your beloved motors!



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