Wimbledon makes a racket at forward2me

It's Wimbledon time again. Whether you're a tennis fan or not, it's hard to ignore the lure of strawberries and cream with the gentle sounds of a tennis game in the background.

[caption id="attachment_2169" align="alignnone" width="300"] Wimbledon with strawberries and cream

Here at forward2me, we've noticed the onset of the tennis season with an increase in sports equipment through our depot. People are taking advantage of our UK forwarding address to ship the best quality (or bargain) sports equipment the UK has to offer. Blatant racketeering, you might say! (sorry, couldn't resist that one)

Wimbledon can spur people on to try sporty activities, whether it's tennis, jogging, karate or yoga. If the tennis bug has bitten you, the UK has a wide selection of tennis equipment and you can use forward2me's secure international shipping to bring you the latest fashions and kit.

Tennis rackets are available from Sports Direct and the Racket Centre (aka my son's bedroom...). Directtennis will even string your rackets individually so that you can have the tension just right for your game. Wimbledon, played on grass, requires special footwear but most tennis courts are gravel nowadays. Tennis shoes are available from tennisplanet, as worn by all the Wimbledon stars. Don't forget to order the balls....

Sports bags are essential. Wimbledon players always seem to carry HUGE bags. Maybe it's an extra part of the exercise regime? What's in there? A towel? An orchestra? A secret body-double for when the going gets tough?

Wimbledon fashion, on or off the court..

Nobody seems to wear white much these days. Check out the latest tennis fashions online at tennisnuts. They stock all the outfits seen at Wimbledon, although Serena's orange pants didn't go down too well with the fashionistas!

If you're not really into sport and fancy a break from the tennis, why not take a look at the summer sales. There are many online bargains to be had from places like ASOS. Use forward2me and you could be (wimble)donning some fantastic bargains (ouch...). Thee's also a Wimbledon merchandise store so you can sport the Wimbledon look al year round.

[caption id="attachment_2170" align="alignnone" width="242"] Andy Murray Wimbledon

At the time of writing, Andy Murray is still doing well. Fingers crossed for Wimbledon Champion this year, folks!