Will Andy be king of Wimbledon once again?

Did you know that the King played at Wimbledon in 1926? Or that the women's game began there in 1884, only 7 years after the first championships were held there? In 1940, centre court was bombed. The Queen visited in 1957. The first Open Tournament was held there in 1968 and John McEnroe said, 'You cannot be serious' way back in 1981.

All this historic talk has made me wonder if any of you enjoy collecting memorabilia? Each year Wimbledon produces collectable items like towels, replica trophies and clothing. Are you more interested in the truly historic stuff? Take a look on eBay for some interesting items or if you are a very serious collector, try woodtennis.com for a range of memorabilia, antique racquets and magazines. You might need to use our personal shopper service to help, just contact our customer service department for advice. 

There's nothing quite like the sound of tennis in the background to make me think of a lovely jug of Pimms, strawberries and cream and warm sunshine. It seems that the weather this year is not playing ball, it's chilly here in Garstang and down at the Wimbledon tournament itself, they will have had the rain covers on for most of the week... From today onwards, the weather down there looks great, just right in fact, for a picnic. Take a look at John Lewis' picnic stuff to tempt you or M&S's offerings. A hamper is quintessentially British and if you can make it off the driveway without opening it, you're doing well.

Can you rig up your radio or television outside? Get the summer furniture out, put on a spread and relax while you watch the players fight it out. Will Murray do it again? As for the ladies, after the shock of Sharapova's drug ban, who will it be this year? Serena Williams is the bookies' favourite (again). We'll just have to wait and see.

Does watching all the action make you want to play more tennis? It always did when I was a kid. For about three weeks, I was a really enthusiastic car-park tennis player with a racquet from Woolworths and a muddy old tennis ball that I salvaged from the dog's toy pile. Nowadays, things are a little more sophisticated. It's not too expensive to get into tennis though, especially if you look at places like Sportsdirect. If you become serious, take a look at prodirecttennis. You can even get clothing and equipment designed by Bjorn Borg, one of tennis' great heroes.

So just pull up a deckchair, open that hamper and tune in to the tennis on the gear that forward2me has delivered to you with our door-to-door tracked delivery service. Game, set and match!