Why we love the Duchess of Cambridge

We can’t help but notice a huge volume of ladies’ fashions flying through our depot recently, which bear more than a little inspiration from a certain Brit style icon. It’s no longer Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss that are stirring shoppers around the world to copy their look – it’s a different Kate: The Duchess of Cambridge.

This is the 'Kate effect', which has propelled quintessentially British brands to global customers and helped so many UK fashion retailers attract an international audience. It seems we’re not alone in following her style religiously, as this new demand seems to account for almost every other parcel delivery at the moment.

She’s the epitome of Brit style in 2012. Her wedding dress, with its exquisite hand-embroidered and appliquéd lace, drew emphasis on 'best of British' materials. Remind yourself of some of her most influential looks at our new Kate-themed Pinterest page. We have a whole board dedicated to the Duchess and her fashions with links to where you can find her styles at high-street prices.

She has never been able to do what other twenty-something women do: she has never dyed her hair, worn a silly frock, or let chipped nail varnish disgrace her manicure. Instead, Kate graces the U.K, and the rest of the world, with perfect serene style that perfectly befits the future Queen of England.

With the whole world watching her every move, the pressure for Kate to meet the public’s high expectations in all aspects of her life is a daunting task. But she does an amazing job – and, more importantly, she does it with style!