Why we love all things pre-loved!


Buying pre-loved items has never been so popular. Luckily these days it’s so easy for people to list or offload their unwanted items for sale that availability and choice has rapidly grown – great news for all those bargain hunters out there!

Whether buying pre-loved to save money or as a means of getting your hands on a rare or discontinued item, we’re lucky that there are some brilliant pre-loved websites in the UK. Here we take a look at just a few of the best places to go to find those bargains and one-off finds!


The original online auction site, eBay remains one of the most popular choices for people to buy and sell pre-loved items. For everything from clothing to housewares, baby gear to sports gear, car accessories to jewellery and almost everything in between, there’s a reason eBay is still the world’s most popular auction site. TOP TIP - If you’re looking for something specific, it’s quick and easy to create an alert so you get notified every time someone lists an item that matches your search criteria.

Music Magpie

Originally launched as a website to trade in CDs for cash, Music Magpie now covers a wide range of entertainment items including CDs, vinyl, books, DVDs and tech. Offering some brilliant bargains and with free UK delivery on all orders, Music Magpie has rapidly grown in popularity over recent years. TOP TIP – Music Magpie have a 12 month warranty programme on tech so you can pick up a tablet, smartphone or games console at a fraction of RRP safe in the knowledge that you have some cover if anything goes wrong.


Whilst we tend to think of Amazon as the ‘go to’ for gifts and new items, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the online giant also offers pre-loved items for sale. Books, CDs and DVDs are all in abundant supply at a fraction of their ‘new’ prices.  TOP TIP – Amazon grade their pre-loved goods by condition so if the item’s only for your own personal use and you’re unconcerned if it’s a bit battered or dog-eared, you could get even more of a bargain!

Specialist retailers

As well as the generalist retailers detailed above, there are many hundreds of specialist pre-loved websites out there! To pinpoint just a tiny selection of what’s available, for vintage clothing check out True Vintage and Rockit or to get your hands on vinyl records from days gone by, visit Vinylnet or Vinyl Tap

At forward2me, our customers regularly purchase pre-loved items from a range of websites in the UK. Using our parcel forwarding service, customers from around the world can take advantage of the thousands of pre-loved items available online in the UK. The process is simple – register for an account with forward2me, make your purchase from a UK website and enter our address as the delivery address. We will forward your parcel to your home address.

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