Why the summer is a great time to buy a book!


Here at forward2me, we love books. Whether you read for pleasure, to study, to expand your knowledge or just to escape for a while, you can’t beat a good book. Or two. Or three!

Books are great at any time of the year but we think that the summer months lend themselves to reading particularly well. Here are three reasons why the summer is an especially great time to buy a book...

Keep the kids occupied

The summer holidays are fast approaching and for many parents, this means coming up with ways to keep the kids occupied! Pound for pound, money spent on a book is a great way to keep children occupied for a good length of time. Not only this, it also helps with literacy, feeding their imagination and so much more. Our favourite websites for children’s books include The Book People, Waterstones, Bloomsbury, WHSmith and The Works.

More time outdoors

Whether it’s sitting in the sun on your lunch break or enjoying your morning cup of coffee outside rather than in, we all spend more time outdoors over the summer months. Rather than just picking up your smart phone to check on your social media, why not pick up a book instead? With technology today, you can even download a book to your phone to read, so you can take your book with you wherever you go and pick it up every time you have a few minutes spare! Personally, we prefer having a book to hold in our hands, but it’s great to have the option to go digital if that’s your preference!

A summer holiday read

With many of us leading such busy lives, sometimes the only time we really have the chance to ‘get into’ a book is on holiday. The great news is, there are some cracking reads around at the moment. So whether you love a thriller, enjoy an autobiography, or want a laugh-a-minute read, there’s something for everyone. Keep an eye on Amazon’s best seller list for inspiration or if you’re a real bookworm, feed your reading habit with a bargain or two from a pre-loved book website such as Music Magpie, World of Books and Abe Books. Or you can even support a charity when you buy a book by shopping from Oxfam or Book Donors.

As well as buying books for personal enjoyment, forward2me has several clients around the world that buy books in bulk online in the UK to use as stock for their businesses. Some of our business clients have book stores or sell online in their own country, whilst others sell books from the UK into universities or educational establishments. For more information on our services for businesses, please get in touch with us.