Who's buying the Apple Watch?


The Apple Watch is proving exceedingly popular. So popular, it feels as if we're shipping little else here at forward2me!

Apple have made some outstanding products through the years and their attention to detail, functionality and style are what appeals to our customers. How do we know this, I hear you ask? Because so far we have shipped the most Watches to the very home of style itself - Italia. Many of our customers have used our door-to-door tracked service to become one of the glitterati.

If you don't own an Apple Watch yet but are thinking about it as a gift or a treat or just because you can't resist the lure of a new, shiny Apple product, here's what to do if you live overseas:

1. Visit the Apple store online.

2. Scroll through the pages of beautiful, sexy tech available until you find the page with the Watches. My, aren't there a lot to choose from? Put the kettle on, you're going to be a while...

Gold, aluminium, steel, coloured strap, metal strap, sporty, elegant...Stop drooling on the keyboard! Oooh, you can choose different watch faces. Jellyfish. And make calls using your wrist like on Startrek. Read emails, facebook, track your fitness or just send funny messages to other iWatch people, maybe even have lunch with the enigmatic Ken at the Tartine Bakery; the possibilities are endless.

3. Choose. I know it's hard. Maybe buy two?  One for daytime, one for the evening, one for the gym. That's 3 (maths was never my forte). Or maybe just buy different straps for every occasion.

4. Here comes the important part. Enter your registered credit card address as the billing address. Then use forward2me's UK address as your delivery address. Apple will then send us your beautiful Watches, iPads and all the other goodies you succumbed to when you were looking for a watch. We will look after them carefully and ship them as quickly as possible using our fast, international delivery service.

If, for any reason, this does not work, please use our personal shopper service. We will order the goods on your behalf for just £15 or 10% of the value of the goods. Just contact our customer services department for more information.