When smart TVs aren't very clever...


If you live overseas and want to take advantage of the huge variety of discounted quality electrical goods in the UK but fancy a smart TV, tread carefully. Here at forward2me, we've been receiving queries about televisions and in particular, smart TVs. Please read on for more information...


What is a smart TV anyway and why would I want one?

Smart TVs are connected to the internet and usually come with apps that allow you to view YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and some of the catch-up TV channels. This all sounds great, but in reality, very few people actually use the smart TV functions and revert to a tablet or pc because it's more user-friendly. It takes ages to search and type in information using a TV remote, for example, and the interface that you have to deal with is often 'clunky' and old-fashioned, mainly because it has been designed by people who make televisions, not software apps...

According to several reviews, the only reason TVs have become smart is because manufacturers want them to be. They know that the apps are limited, the software will need to be upgraded and that most smart TVs will seem pretty thick in a few years time. You'll need to buy a new one or pay for upgrades eventually. Kerching!

Smart TVs are also more expensive from the outset, even if you factor in buying a media server and cables on top of the price of a normal non-smart television. Most games consoles come with some smart functions too so check before you buy - treat yourself to a new X-Box One instead...and use our door-to-door tracked shipping service.

Do smart TVs work overseas?

Yes, no, maybe... Again, it depends where you live and how technical you are. Apparently there are ways and means to by-pass some of the problems and you can re-set the country so that it receives data for your location. To be honest though, having read a few articles and forums, the easiest answer is to buy a 'thick' TV and a set-top media server box that will give you the option to record and use the catch-up facilities on offer in the country where you live.

Where can I get a 'thick'/ordinary TV?

They're getting harder to track down but we've managed to source a few decent ones. Don't forget to use our secure international shipping. Amazon have several and Currys let you search for TVs using criteria including whether the TV is smart or not. John Lewis also have some not smart TVs, some with DVD players built in - great for the kids' bedroom. TJ Hughes also have some good offers on plasma TVs.

So do some research before you buy that smart TV and check with our customer services department here at forward2me if you have any other questions.