What we shipped and didn't ship...


Parcels, parcels, parcels - here at forward2me, thousands of parcels come through our doors throughout the year and we see many things from a second hand dress from ebay to a full size wardrobe unit for a large bedroom. Of course everybody has diferent tastes, different hobbies and pass times and use our parcel forwarding service to purchase many different things. Whether it's for personal or business use, we're here to help.


Some of the items that we’ve shipped to various countries through our packet and parcel forwarding service are:

Car and Motorcycle parts

Laura Ashley furniture and soft furnishings to Cyprus

Office desks and filing cabinets to Greece

Vacuum cleaners to Japan

Rolls and rolls of wallpaper all over the world

Wood, garden fence panels and builders gear to lots of European countries

Electrical light fittings and switches

Musical Instruments including Guitars, Trumpets and Drums

Vinyl LP’s to Norway – lots of them.


During the festive season...


We shipped the usual Christmas trees, baubles, wreaths, etc during the festive season but the most popular presents seemed to be clothing and footwear for all ages and sizes and of course technology – phones, iPads, iPhones, tablets, Huddles, kindles, PC’s laptops and many, many, many more.

Bikes for the whole family, have been a real popular choice along with lots and lots of Lego and Disney toys.

Christmas cards (particularly personalised ones..) and wrapping paper has become more popular – customers telling us that they can’t buy exactly what they want in their home country.


And of course the things that we didn’t ship...


Tablets (not the technology sort) in a sealed, plastic wrapped DVD film case. This was of course handed into the local police department and disposed of in the correct way.

...and can you believe a mongoose with a snake wrapped around it – dead of course!

Please be sure to check the prohibited and restricted lists before making your purchase and using your UK Mailing address, or contact our customer services team for advice.