What Mum really wants this Mother's Day

This one’s for all the kids out there (big or small). Don’t forget Mother’s Day! It’s not long now and there’s still time to treat Mum to something special online using forward2me’s door-to-door tracked service.

Sunday 10th of March is the day you’ll have to get up early. Leave Mum sleeping for a lovely long lie-in while you make breakfast in bed, wrap a present or two (or if you’re my son, build a lego bunch of flowers) and write or make her a card.

Unfortunately, it's the present bit that usually has Dads and kids scratching their heads. The Valentine's Day roses have only just gone in the compost; you did a special something not long ago and Christmas seems to have zapped all your present-buying skills for the year. What can you do?

Make a brew and get yourselves online. There are a myriad of unusual and interesting little things that Mums would love out there. The beautifully titled, ‘I want one of those’ has quirky items that will make her chuckle. If she’s a practical kind of a gal, how about gardening stuff? Crocus do great, attractive gifts from gloves to cloches or even bird-feeders.

For the fashion-conscious mother, new purses and bags are always popular or a scarf or two. New sunglasses? An iPod, new phone or even a tablet for the techie Mum? Try John Lewis.

Maybe help her relax with some exciting holiday reads ready for the summer or even buy her a new garden chair to read it in...

Or you could just leave her a trail of devastation accompanied by muffled, sheepish giggling when the home baking goes wrong, like my son (again) who, under the influence of Blue Peter, decided to make chocolate cups using balloons coated with chocolate while I took the dog on a long walk.


Still finding chocolate remnants even now and we’ve redecorated... They were lovely, though.

So don’t say it with flowers and chocolates this year. Have a good look online and please don’t forget that our customer service department can help if your international credit card is not accepted with the retailer of your choice.

Mum’s the word!