What in the world?

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In our occasional look at some of the odder items that come in and out of our depot, this time we’re talking about car parts.

Not the most obvious item you’d think about when internet shopping, and perhaps you might not imagine forwarding them overseas, but believe it or not we do – and quite regularly!

Maybe it’s because UK dealers have the best prices or the best stock, but we see parts for all sorts of makes and models – not just British vehicles – being shipped all over the globe.

And it’s not just trim and accessories either: we’ve sent bits as big as bumpers, and even windscreens. Here’s a list of some of the examples we’ve dispatched in the last few weeks:

• An assortment of Skoda parts to Cyprus
• Land Rover parts including headlights and front brake discs to Albania
• Large quantities of Mini parts/accessories, plus other car parts as big as bumpers to South Africa
• Renault Laguna parts as far away as Australia
• Mainly motorbike Parts to Thailand, although a car console also recently went there
• A Brake bleeder pump and even a windscreen to Malta
• Mostly interior parts such as door linings, steering wheels and gear sticks to the USA.

Classic car fans and home tinkerers should remember, though, to check if the parts they’re ordering are second hand. If so, they may contain flammable grease or oil, which means we wouldn’t be able to ship them overseas. Give us a call or drop us a line if you’re unsure about any items you’re considering forwarding.